Sunday, May 4, 2014

I guess he did...

Upon investigating the Fans of J. Michael Straczynski Page I am of the opinion that he wrote it. Now there is a legal disclaimer on the page aimed at government agencies taking content from his page and using it in some unauthorized manner. So while I am not a government agency, this may apply to me unless it is covered under fair use. If I am asked to remove the content by Mr. Straczynski or his representative, I will remove it in it's entirety. In case anyone may want to know what happened to the post, if it is removed it is to remain in compliance to any laws related to usage or out of respect for the writer's request. Please note this has not happened and may never happen, but if I am asked to then I will remove it. As for my opinion regarding what he wrote, I do not believe my opinion is as important as the reader's opinion. Think about it for yourself and decide how you feel about it and behave responsibly and peacefully. Thank you.

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