Thursday, June 30, 2016


Please find next week’s Syfy Programming below:




*Begins Sunday, June 3 at 11:30/10:30c



CLASH-A-THON: Airings of CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010) @ 9/8c & CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981) @ 11:30/10:30c



KILLJOYS - “Wild, Wild Westerly” – 9/8c

With D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) back on the team, the Killjoys return to the ruins of Old Town to hunt eight escaped convicts but soon discover their most dangerous nemesis is the company fixer who issued the warrant.

Link to Photos



DARK MATTER - “Kill Them All” – 10/9c

Imprisoned in Hyperion-8, the crew must negotiate attempted assassinations, extraditions, and behind-the-scenes machinations as they plot their escape.  Guest starring Ellen Wong as Misaki.

Link to Photos 



WEEKEND HULK-A-THON with airings of THE HULK (2003) @ 6:30/5:30c & THE INCREDIBLE HULK (208) @ 9:30/8:30c  



SYFY PRESENTS LIVE FROM COMIC CON: Thursday, 7/21 through Saturday, 7/23 at 8/7c

SHARKNADO : THE 4th AWAKENS: Premieres Sunday, 7/31 at 8/7c



Weekend-Long Event Ushers in Opportunity for College Students to Create Original Animation Based on the Imaginative World of Ian Jones-Quartey’s

O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes


Cartoon Network has invited college undergraduates from across the country to create an original 15-second animation short based on the immersive world of O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes at the studio’s first-ever animation jam, July 9-11, in Burbank, California. Designed to give young rising stars experience working as a full-time artist, Cartoon Network Studios will provide the necessary production tools alongside a talented crew of animation mentors including creator Ian Jones-Quartey, to help guide the students in developing their shorts. This 3-day animation jam continues the tradition of Cartoon Network’s widely-recognized, artists-first approach in developing and discovering fresh and innovative content across all platforms.


Jones-Quartey’s original short, Lakewood Plaza Turbo was generated from Cartoon Network Studios’ acclaimed Shorts Program and follows champion-in-training KO and his convenience store buddy heroes as they battle evil Lord Boxman. The mobile game O.K. KO! later launched accompanied by animated shorts to view on Cartoon Network’s digital platforms, with each short coming from different animation studios offering their own unique perspectives. In the mobile game, players must navigate KO to unlock special attacks, explore hidden areas and maneuver challenging characters to help defend Lakewood Plaza Turbo.


The animation jam follows the highly successful Cartoon Network Game Jam in Portland, Oregon earlier this year with 200 independent game developers who created their own games based on the cast of heroes in the Lakewood Plaza Turbo universe.  Their creations will inform future iterations of the property and the winning team will be awarded a fully funded project to continue work on their game jam prototype.


“Building on our Game Jam’s creative energy, we are expanding into new forums for storytelling with the launch of the first animation jam,’” said Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network. “We want to give students an opportunity to experience the world-building process that is unique to O.K. KO!


Selected teams of graduating seniors and Cartoon Network Studios’ interns at the “Animation Jam” will work together at the studio’s computer workstations complete with a Cintiq, Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop to create their short. Jones-Quartey, supervising director Toby Jones and other select animators from the studio will be on hand to help guide and mentor the teams as students select a concept at random to inspire their short. Culminating on Monday, July 11, Cartoon Network Studios will showcase all the final animation created during the jam as an opportunity  to share and collaborate, as well as meet other artists from the studios’ various other shows.


The eight contributing collegiate teams include students and interns selected by their respective schools from the following universities: University of Southern California; School of Visual Arts; California State University, Fullerton; Laguna College of Art and Design; California Institute of the Arts; San Jose State University; Maryland Institute College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design; Savannah College of Art and Design; and Exceptional Minds, the first American computer animation studio and non-profit digital arts school for young adults on the autism spectrum.


SCORN: First Person Horror Title Coming to PC in 2017


The game where even changing weapons makes you feel a bit sick, is now on Steam Greenlight

The bowels of a living nightmare – June 30, 2016 – Straight out of the twisted minds at Serbian game developer Ebb Software, SCORN is a disturbing creep through an oozing world of organic otherworldly horror. Heading to PC in 2017, SCORN can be supported starting today on Steam 

Check out the new teaser trailer for an ominous sense of what lies ahead:

The first person gameplay in SCORN is a glistening combination of gunplay and puzzle solving, with the environment and the creatures it disgorges doing their utmost to confound your progress. That's not to say every inhabitant you meet wants to eviscerate you - most of them don't care about you one way or the other.

All of the storytelling happens in-game, with no cut-scenes to distract you from the grisly reality of the living, breathing (throbbing, dripping) world you're in. But keep your eyes open - the game won't show you any sympathy if you miss something important on your uneasy travels. Everything has a reason and purpose - you just need to work out what it is.

"We are trying to create something so unsettling it will make you think about the ideas and themes of the game long after you've finished playing," said Ebb Software's Ljubomir Peklar.

The environments in SCORN are entirely handcrafted, firmly bucking the procedural trend, while its storytelling through gameplay, non-linear narrative, and puzzles on a grand scale turn SCORN into an impressionistic horror show of impressive scope and imagination.

Get more creeped out about SCORN here:

To help the team at Ebb Software manage the massive scope of development on SCORN and get the game in the hands of players quickly, they are planning to release it in two parts, with the first part entitled "DASEIN" coming in 2017.

Support the SCORN cause on Steam Greenlight:

Click here for the youtube video

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Independence Day: Resurgence Theatrical Review

Independence Day: Resurgence is the long awaited sequel to Independence Day. Set in an alternate universe where following the attack depicted in the original film back in 1996, the people of the Earth have united and reversed engineered alien technology to create bases in the solar system and a defense array of satellites to protect the planet. On the twentieth anniversary of the attack two alien space craft enter Earth space. One is a sphere containing an object that looks like the Embassy Pictures logo painted white and the other is an even larger alien starship approximately as large of the distance across the Atlantic Ocean from the East Coast of the United States to the United Kingdom. The two ships have arrived  with agendas for humanity. Will the survivors of the first war and the fighters of this second figure out what they want before the planet is destroyed?

Independence Day: Resurgence is unapologeticly schlocky and just as silky and dirivative of original and better Sci-Fi books and movies and it is a popcorn film pure and simple, but unlike the almost post World War II Patriotism that reminded the viewer we were in the side of good and would not go into extinction without a fight, post 9/11 cynicism kind of creeps into the film despite the fantastic special effects and action sequences. The film left me feeling like I was nursing a wounded animal that was now nervous about any contact it has with anything regardless of whether or not the intentions are favorable toward it. 

Brent Spiner is the highlight of the film and one hopes they bring him back if they make another because this one basically ends with the setup for what could be a great sequel. Sadly everyone else seems to be phoning it in. Jeff Goldblum is basically being Jeff Goldblum and I don't fault him for that because since his villainous role in Deep Cover, Jeff Goldblum has just been playing Jeff Goldblum in every movie he appears in. Judd Hirsch is saddled with a return role that feels just added because he was in the first one, but considering how talented Hirsch is as an actor from his days on Taxi to some of his dramatic feature film roles in the 1980s, one has to wonder why he agrees to play such a one dimensional character regardless of the paycheck. Bill Pullman was very likable in the first one. So the last thing I wanted to see was the morose performance he turns in with this sequel. 

Everyone else is either just there or are one note characters. I wasn't expecting Shakespeare from Independence Day: Resurgence and I guess viewers who saw the first one will have a pretty good idea of what to expect, but essentially I can sum up this entire story by stating aliens attack the Earth again and we try and fight back the same way we did the last time and none of it works so we try something else. That's it. As long as you know that is what to expect, then you should be able to enjoy Independence Day: Resurgence exactly as it should be enjoyed. With a hot bucket of popcorn on your lap, a cold drink at your side, and your brain left at home.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera.
All Rights Reserved,

Dark Horse Announces San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse is proud to announce its selection of exclusive merchandise for San Diego Comic-Con International 2016! From the anticipated Game of Thrones Night King bust to variant covers by some of the most talented artists in the comics industry, Dark Horse has fans covered!

All exclusive merchandise will be available at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) for all of SDCC 2016. Please note that there will be a fixed number of exclusives set aside for each day of the convention.

Check out the full roster 

of Dark Horse SDCC 2016 exclusives, along with quantity and price, below!









Innovative Marvel Video Series Bridges Marvel Comics with Top Music Talent


New York, NY—June 29th, 2016 — Today, Marvel Comics continues to present this year’s breakout Marvel Super Hero – the Black Panther – through a monthly video series that continues to link the world of comics and hip-hop blending animated comics along with commentary from Black Panther writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Additionally, “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Part Two” islaunching the brand new track, “Beast With It” by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, featuring Mark the Beast.


This new video series is designed to present the world of Black Panther to a whole new audience and will offer fans a monthly recap of the best-selling comic book series prior to the latest issue being made available and on sale.


Black Panther #1, written by The Atlanticnational correspondent and National Book Award winner, Ta-Nehisi Coates, accompanied with outstanding art by Brian Stelfreeze, garnered international buzz and attention upon the announcement of this series in 2015, debuted as the best-selling comic for the month of April, and is on track to be one of the best-selling comics of 2016.


Continuing the excitement surrounding Marvel’s celebrated Super Hero T’Challa, the Black Panther, the latest episode of this revolutionary multi-artist hip-hop-inspired video series samples a brand new track, “Beast With It”, by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, featuring Mark the Beast.


"I am honored to be a part of another cool project from Marvel Comics and this new video series is going to be a smash," states Prodigy of Mobb Deep. "Black Panther has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters and the new series is destined to become a huge hit -- Ta-Nehisi Coates really did his thing with this one!”


“Comics and music are two art forms that continually speak to one another, and with Ta-Nehisi and Brian Stelfreeze's epic series flying off the shelves, we are doing just that,"  says Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor In Chief. "It's our honor to partner with the legendary Prodigy for this latest installment."


Watch “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Part Two” now!



This new video series has already reached global proportion and will further emphasize how Marvel is the premiere name when it comes to story-telling, diverse character development, and now, musical integration.


Black Panther #3 is available digitally through the Marvel Digital Comic Shopand at all local comic book retailers. To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook

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Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition Digital Copy Review

This is actually a review of the Ultimate Edition of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and not a review of the digital copy in terms of picture and sound quality. That is something I would cover in a Blu-ray Disc review if one is made available to me. 

I have a friend named Ryan and he is a huge Batman fan and he was very stern about his admiration for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I did not hate the film, but I felt like it had a lot of problems. Well I can honestly state without hesitation that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition is a far better viewing experience than the theatrical cut. A lot of things I had problems with in the theatrical cut made more sense in the Ultimate Edition.

First off the film is much more cohesive. It feels more consistent and the characters are better defined. Some of the sequences from the theatrical cut have either been rearranged in such a way that they make more sense and the new footage definitely clarifies a few things that I was unsure about previously with the exception of one moment that happens in the very beginning.

Spoiler Warning From Here On Out.

When we see Bruce Wayne witnessing Superman's battle against General Zod, he makes a call that sounds like he is calling his father, but I thought his father died in the beginning. Well outside of that, Lex Luthor comes off like a bit more of a mad genius. A little too mad, but I accept the fact this is not my Lex Luthor and I am glad they are not just rehashing Gene Hackman's take on the character either.

Superman Is more humanized in this version and the scenes where he is saving people in a montage seem less dower. The musical choices worked better too because now I can clearly determine Wonder Woman's theme from Superman and Batman's music cues. In fact her appearance in the film works better now and the music for the final battle where she makes her appearance worked for me now too.

I still had a problem with Superman telling two different people if he wanted them dead, they would be dead already if only because it is too repetitious, but Superman seems more flawed and therefore more relatable because as noted above, he seems more human. 

There are still problems in the film's pacing and this might be the most depressing take on Batman and Superman that I have ever seen, but collectively, I think this is the better version of the film and I enjoyed it a lot more too.

So while it is not as good as another franchise film that dealt with similar subject matter that was released this year, on it's own merits, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition was and is a well intended superhero epic and I give credit for the ambition behind it. Check it out.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera.
All Rights Reserved.

Teaching Science Fiction & Fantasy since 1968. Please Support The Clarion Foundation Write-a-Thon - 2016.

There is a reason why I am supporting The Clarion Foundation Write-a-Thon and  I do not think I could explain it any better than I did in this short essay that was published in The Clarion Foundation newsletter. After reading it would you please consider donating any amount to support The Clarion Foundation. You can donate by clicking on the link below this essay and it does not matter which writer you sponsor or donate to because what matters is that you donate. Thank you.
Weekly Responses

Mark Rivera

I am not an alumnus of Clarion. I have never applied. I have been a lifelong fan of science fiction, and my graduate thesis was on the relationship between the space opera or sci-fi adventure and the Western. I studied under the late Obie Award–winning playwright Jack Gelber. I have a BA in Film and an MFA in writing. My primary focus was drama, so I wrote stage plays and screenplays. I used my time in grad school to experiment with adapting fiction into drama and drama into fiction.
For a long time I have been a genre film and TV reviewer. I wrote my first novel, The Final Arbiter, in the late 1990s and then put it down for 10 years. It was not until I learned the secret to writing is to have many outlets to write from did I learn that I could be creative and analytical. So my first book was published print-on-demand, which is not like being published by Tor Books or something, but I knew a gradual audience would develop for my novel over time, and that is exactly what happened. In Australia, the book is being read in high schools because it is timely.

I have no awards or anything like that. I consider myself a novice, but I am trying to become a professional, and participating in the Write-a-Thon helps me to write, and it is good to pay it forward. Last year I wrote a novella during the Write-a-Thon, and a year later I am putting the finishing touches on it to get it published so that I can have something new for my readers to read while I get back into writing my epic novel, for lack of a better expression.

Perception is something that has always interested me, and I find it is a running theme in my work. My goal is to get the novella published before the end of the year and to write 30 pages on my epic during the Write-a-Thon and raise as much money as I can for Clarion and the students. It is a dream of mine to attend Clarion myself because there is much I need to learn, but I am unsure whether I will ever be worthy. So I will help others and help myself and maybe one year I will apply and be accepted. Or maybe I will never be accepted. Either way, if I can do some good for others then at least I have done something worthwhile, and maybe it will help me too. Regardless, I am in it again this year, and I am honored to help you all. Thank you.

Now on digital HD.

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY debuts on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand August 23rd







Engrossing Drama Debuts on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand August 23, 2016




HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The true story of “a brilliant and brave man who, without a doubt, deserves the title of genius” (Devan Coggan, Entertainment Weekly), THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD August 23, 2016from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  The film will also be available for sale or rental from cable, satellite and telco providers through IFC Films.

Academy Award® winner Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune) and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) star in this enthralling true story of a friendship that forever changed mathematics.  In 1913, Srinivasa Ramanujan (Patel), a self-taught Indian mathematics genius, traveled to Trinity College, Cambridge, where over the course of five years, he forged a bond with his mentor, the brilliant and eccentric professor, G.H. Hardy (Irons), while fighting against prejudice to reveal his mathematic genius to the world. THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY “is not so much a film about understanding the numbers, but understanding the men who made us see their merit, and the passion that drives each of us to find the true meaning in our lives.” (Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times).

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITYBlu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and English, English SDH, Spanish and French subtitles.  The Blu-ray includes the film in high definition.

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITYDVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16x9 TVs with English 5.1 Dolby Digital and English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The DVD includes the feature film in standard definition.


TCM Announces Month-Long Western Themed Programming Special

TCM Announces Month-Long Western Themed Programming Special

Shane Plus A Hundred More Great Westerns Begins July 5 & Airs From Sun-up to Sundown Every Tuesday & Wednesday in July

Hosted by Keith Carradine

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) pays tribute the oldest film genre, and perhaps most classically American, with Shane Plus A Hundred More Great Westerns, a month-long programming special featuring more than 100 of the greatest Western movies ever made. Hosted by acclaimed actor and Academy Award® winning songwriter Keith Carradine, programming begins July 5th and airs from sun-up to sundown every Tuesday and Wednesday in July.

Shane Plus A Hundred More Great Westerns will feature themed programming including:

  • The Early Years (July 5) – in addition to The Great Train Robbery (1903), these pioneer Westerns include The Squaw Man(1914), the first producing-directing effort by the legendary Cecil B. DeMille
  • John Wayne/John Ford (July 5) – takes a look at the partnership of the quintessential Western star and director which encompassed 14 films ranging from Stagecoach(1939), the pairs first collaboration, to The Searchers (1956), which many consider the team’s greatest masterpiece
  •  Directed by Sam Peckinpah (July 6) – provides examples of the iconic director’s work including Ride the High Country (1962) and The Wild Bunch (1969), which was noted for taking the Western into unprecedented levels of violence
  • Epic Westerns (July 12) – includes the Kirk Douglas vehicle The Big Sky(1952) and MGM’s How the West Was Won(1962), a multi-part, star-heavy epic originally filmed in Cinerama
  • Singing Cowboys  (July 13) – a staple of the 1930s and ‘40s in a series of modest and innocently entertaining Westerns, many of them starring Gene Autry or Roy Rogers
  •  Spaghetti Westerns/Clint Eastwood (July 19) – includes two TCM premieres - A Bullet for Sandoval (1970) and Red Sun (1971) - and overlaps with the “Starring Clint Eastwood” theme, which includes Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western classics A Fistful of Dollars (1964) and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1968)
  • Western Comedies (July 26) – ranging from Go West (1925), starring Buster Keaton, to Hearts of the West, starring Jeff Bridges, as a writer who becomes a star of B Westerns
  • Great Barroom Brawls (July 26) – highlighting the legendary and elusive Shane (1953), directed by George Stevens and starring Alan Ladd
  • True Stories? (July 27– includes far-fetched accounts of Western legends such as Billy the Kid (1941) and Annie Get Your Gun (1950)

To view a trailer Shane Plus A Hundred More Great Westerns, please click here. For a full schedule, please visit

Additionally, fans are able to watch TCM whenever and wherever they want via the Watch TCM mobile apps by logging in with a user name and password provided by their TV service provider. Watch TCM features streaming of the network, industry leading in-depth movie information, as well as more than 300 titles available on demand each month

Keith Carradine Bio

Keith Carradine has starred in over seventy feature films, five Broadway shows and has released two LP Albums of his music. His song “I’m Easy” from Nashville won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for “Best Song” and was a Billboard Top Ten single.

Carradine has been chosen repeatedly by some of our best and most daring filmmakers to star in their films.  Among those are Robert Altman for McCabe and Mrs. MillerThieves Like Us and Nashville; Alan Rudolph for Welcome To L.A., Choose Me and The Moderns and Walter Hill for The Longriders and Southern Comfort. Other notable film credits include Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby and Ridley Scott’s The Duellists.

This spring he will work again with director Alan Rudolph, in the film Ray Meets Helen, opposite Sondra Locke. Recent film appearances include Terrence Davies’ A Quiet Passion,Ain’t Them Bodies Saints opposite Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara and Cowboys and Aliens opposite Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. 

He stars currently as President Conrad Dalton on the CBS hit series, Madam Secretary opposite Tea Leoni, soon to begin its third season.  Other recent and notable television series roles include Wild Bill Hickock on HBO’s Deadwood, Special Agent Frank Lundy on Showtime’s Dexterand Lou Solverson, opposite Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, on FX’s Fargo.

Keith Carradine began his career on stage, starring in the original Broadway production of Hair. He won an Outer Critics Circle Award for his performance in Foxfire with Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn.  He created the title role in the original Broadway production of The Will Rogers Follies, receiving both a Tony nomination and Drama Desk nomination as “Best Actor in a Musical”.  In 2013 he was again nominated for a Tony and Drama Desk Award for his portrayal of J.D. Drew in Hands on a  Hardbody.  He starred in the New York City Center “Encores” production of Lerner and Loew’s Classic, Paint Your Wagon.  The cast album was released on the Sony Classical Masters label on May 27 of this year.

He is married to actress Hayley DuMond.

Bethesda Softworks and Dark Horse to Publish ‘The Art of Dishonored 2’

Newly-Announced Contest Allows Fans Opportunity to Have Their Artwork Featured
in the Comprehensive Behind-the-Scenes Companion to the Wildly Anticipated Dishonored 2!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse proudly announces The Art of Dishonored® 2, the newest video game art book in its long line of best-selling, award-winning titles in partnership with Bethesda Softworks. Chronicling the development of Dishonored 2and featuring hundreds of pieces and exclusive, never-before-seen concept art from the game’s distinctive world design, The Art of Dishonored 2 is a must-have item for art fans and gamers alike!

In addition, Dark Horse and Bethesda are excited to announce the #drawDishonored Fan Art Contest where fans of series will have the chance to have their illustrations featured in The Art of Dishonored 2. Starting Tuesday, June 28, fans can submit their art for consideration by using the #drawDishonored hashtag. For rules on how to participate visit:

The Art of Dishonored 2 will be available in stores November 22, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop or through retailers such as AmazonBarnes and Noble and IndieBound.

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored® 2, the highly-anticipated first-person action game from Arkane® Studios, when it is release worldwide on Friday, November 11, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and PC. Dishonored 2 is the next chapter in the series from the creators of the 2012 ‘Game of the Year’, Dishonored®. For more information on Dishonored 2, visit:


Adult Swim Emojis Are HERE!

Fans Can Now Share Adult Swim Themed Images, GIFs, Sounds, and Custom Bumps With New App



Adult Swim, a division of Turner, announced today a free to download keyboard app now available via iTunes andGoogle Play that features over 150 Adult Swim themed emoji characters from the network’s popular shows such as Rick and MortyThe Venture Bros.Robot ChickenThe Eric Andre Show, and more. 


Basic cable's #1 home with millennials for over a decade, the new Adult Swim Keyboard also features sharable soundboards and animated GIFs from the network’s colorful show characters. Known for their iconic “bumps” that run on-air, fans can also try their hand at creating their own with the new keyboard and sharing them with friends. How does it work? Check out this handy video


Monday, June 27, 2016

4K Restoration of PRIVATE PROPERTY starring Warren Oates opens this Friday, July 1

4K Digital Restoration  
Starring Warren Oates (The Wild Bunch)

Anchoring The Film Society of Lincoln Center's Oates Retrospective, 
PRIVATE PROPERTY opens in NY this Friday, July 1
As previously announced, Cinelicious Pics will re-release in theaters (and on VOD and Blu-ray) this Summer its new 4k digital restoration of director Leslie Stevens' long-missing 1960 thriller PRIVATE PROPERTY, starring iconic American character actor Warren Oates (TWO-LANE BLACKTOP, THE WILD BUNCH) in his first significant screen role. A major rediscovery for noir and crime fans, PRIVATE PROPERTY had essentially vanished following a very brief release in the early 1960s -- until now. 

Click HERE to watch the trailer.

PRIVATE PROPERTY begins as two homicidal Southern California drifters (played to creepy, Peeping Tom perfection by Warren Oates and Corey Allen) wander off the beach and into the seemingly-perfect Beverly Hills home of an unhappy housewife (Leslie Stevens' real-life spouse, Kate Manx). Shimmering with sexual tension and lensed in stunning B&W by master cameraman Ted McCord (THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADREEAST OF EDEN), PRIVATE PROPERTYis both an eerie, neo-Hitchcockian thriller and a savage critique of the hollowness of the Playboy-era American Dream. 

Warren Oates delivers his first great screen performance here as one of the murderous vagabonds, years before he emerged as one of the finest character actors of his generation; his bizarre, voyeuristic Lennie-and-George relationship with the underrated Corey Allen (James Dean's hot rod rival in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE) is fueled by a barely-suppressed homoeroticism. Shot almost entirely in the Beverly Hills home where director Stevens and lead actress Manx lived at the time, PRIVATE PROPERTY is a simmering thriller tinged with deeply unnerving elements of autobiography--and all the voyeurism anyone could ask for. 

Three years ago David Marriott, now Cinelicious Pics' Director of Acquisitions, sat in on an early screening of UCLA Archive's initial preservation of PRIVATE PROPERTY (which, once completed, would go on to premiere at the UCLA Festival of Preservation in March of 2015). "I was completely bowled over by the film," Marriott recalls. "A sort of hothouse late-period film noir, PRIVATE PROPERTY is deeply bizarre and incredibly compelling. Considering the talent involved - director Stevens, cameraman Ted McCord, actor Warren Oates - it's very rare to rediscover a completely lost crime film like this."

Official Announce: Friday The 13th & Tales From The Darkside 9/6

Friday The 13th: The Complete Series 
Release Date: September 6

Micki Foster inherits an antique store from her Uncle Lewis, but this is no ordinary antique shop. Lewis made a deal with the devil -- in exchange for material wealth, he will sell cursed antiques. Micki, along with cousin Ryan and her partner, retired magician Jack, have the duty of recovering the antiques to be sealed in their basement, where the items can't cause more harm.

Tales From The Darkside: The Complete Series 
Release Date: September 6

This horror/fantasy anthology series follows in the vein of The Twilight Zone. Each week presents another standalone story of horror fantasy, and/or science fiction. Some episodes are gruesome, a few are of a lighter comedic style. Like many such shows, Tales... adapted the work of famous genre authors of the period such as Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, and Clive Barker. Many episodes also featured veteran actors of the 40's and 50's that saw very little work in their later years. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What interests me?

Perception has always interested me. It is a running theme in my creative work outside of

Friday, June 24, 2016

Star Trek Into Darkness 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Review

Star Trek Into Darkness suffers from essentially telling a variation of the same story the first film told and then reinacts moments that made sense in the original cast member films, but in this alternate timeline feels like lazy writing that just relies too much on moments of reference from things in Star Trek lore just for the sake of it and not because it is important to the story. The film then delivers  out and out contrivances that quite literally include a cure for death. You can't make stuff like this up. Star Trek Into Darkness is not a horrible film. It has some fun moments, but if you think about what is going on too much you will owe your brain an apology.

On 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR 2160p resolution, this disc doesn't disappoint. The presentation has sharp color contrasts and deep tones that impress. The new Dolby Atmos Soundtrack is enveloping and discrete too. I think upon comparison with the Blu-ray 3D DIsc set released in 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness actually offer more high definition bonus features in the included Blu-ray Discs and like the 4K BD release of Star Trek, a limited time redeemable coupon for either an iTunes digital copy or UltraViolet digital copy is included within the black UHD BD case.

Star Trek Into Darkness is available now retailers on and offline courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera
All Rights Reserved.