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Freaks And Geeks Now Available On Digital From Paramount Home Entertainment

Executive produced by Judd Apatow and series creator Paul Feig, “Freaks and Geeks” explores the universal experience of being a teenager as lived by the regular old freaks and geeks in a Michigan high school circa 1980.  All 18 episodes of the acclaimed comedy-drama with their original music will be available to purchase on digital platforms for the first time, including Amazon, iTunes, and Google.


Norway’s Indisputable Punk Rock Queen Ida Maria Releases New EP Dirty Money Out Today Featuring New Single “Celebration”

 Norway’s Indisputable Punk Rock Queen Ida Maria Releases New EP Dirty Money Out Today

Featuring New Single “Celebration”  
"A raucous mid-tempo scream-along that blasts the music industry for exploiting young female artists."
-Riff Magazine
Available on all DSPs // Listen here

(Photo Credit: Per Helmly)
 "This is the song you play when you finally decide to say f*** it to capitalism and corporate greed and give the grind a rest."
"If you're going to take Ida's advice of getting off the grid, stream this before you do."
-Brooklyn Vegan 
Norway, June 25, 2021 – After several years away from the music industry to reclaim her life, Norwegian punk rocker Ida Maria returns in a big way with a powerful new EP, Dirty Money, out today featuring the new single, “Celebration”.  Since the start of 2021 Ida has released three singles - “Sick of You,” “I’m Busy,” and title track “Dirty Money” – that saw the artist welcomed back by enthusiastic press and fans alike. Packed with blistering guitar riffs, primal screams and howls, and sharp, insightful lyrics about everything from capitalism to misogyny, Dirty Money tells the tale of Maria’s life so far, from her beginnings as a young major label artist fed up with the mainstream game to an independent musician making music and living life on her own terms far from the excesses of modern society. 
On the opening track, “I’m Busy,” Ida Maria tackles issues of misogyny in music by approaching the song like a rap artist and reversing the gender roles. Maria describes it as an “experiment with trying to write a hip hop song, and using a woman as objectifying the man.” A pointed critique of capitalism, “Dirty Money” looks at the ways that money and greed corrupt us all on some level, despite our best efforts to the contrary. “Everybody wanna be, full of makeup on TV, talking about your jealousy… I look and sing, then they promise me champagne, swear they want me for my brain,’ Ida Maria belts out, infusing her innocent fury with snarky giggles that are reminiscent of a taunting childhood chant, as if to say, “Look at me now.” “Sick of You” is the perfect rock n roll kiss-off to her tumultuous past. A powerful song that encapsulates the chaotic energy of her recent history and the frustration of dealing with people and circumstances that vex you, “Sick of You” also echoes how most people felt about 2020. 
The latest single, “Celebration” is a raucous anthem for all young women on the planet that finds Ida enjoying life to its fullest, singing in the chorus, “We’re going to wake up the neighborhood” amidst a swirl of punk riffs and furious screams. “It is a kick of happiness, seeing the opportunities on what’s in front of you,” says Ida of the song. “It’s about the game between men and women, men are not sure if they should pay for everything, or if they should support the woman in her career. It’s about the dynamic, let’s meet and have a good time.”  
Throughout her career, Ida Maria has always fought to remain true to herself, which is the most punk thing you can do in a world that demands conformity and complacency. Her music is an outcry against all the crimes that the world visits upon us, from climate disasters to financial disasters. A gifted songwriter whose skills have dramatically increased over the years, Ida Maria captures all the world’s chaotic energy in her music, inviting us to join her on a journey unlike any other. 

Design By: Susanne Møller-Hansen
Dirty Money EP
Track Listing:
1. I’m Busy
      2. Dirty Money
     3. Sick Of You
     4. Celebration
  5. California
Select Press
"Listen, who doesn’t get sick and tired of money? Trying to get it, trying to keep it, using it to maintain certain things we think we need. This is the song you play when you finally decide to say f*** it to capitalism and corporate greed and give the grind a rest — even if it’s just temporary." 
The sheer energy in display on new Ida Maria release ‘Dirty Money’ is infectious. The track will rapidly take you from ‘about to fall asleep’ to ‘lets go and fucking smash up everyone who has ever upset me ever’, within an instant, in the best way. This is glorious defiance in its bluntest form.”
"It’s a roots influenced pop rock track featuring honky-tonk keys, horns, bluesy lead guitar, a strong backbeat, and Ida Maria’s distinctive punky vocals. Imagine The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” fronted by Pink.” 
-Havoc Underground
“Dirty Money” fuels hardcore punk rock and bad decisions in this angsty good time track that combines R&B and contemporary rock and roll well. The gritty vocal performance combined with the ascending chord progression makes for a listen that will elevate your mood and mind."
-Hot Lunch Music 
“Ridiculously energetic 2000s garage rock."
-Honeysuckle Magazine  
“With vocals like Amy Winehouse and P!nk, Maria punches through the silence, creating a nostalgic party narrative that screams for someone to listen.”
-Music Mecca 
"Dirty Money’ oozes with a Mick Jagger like swagger from the very first strum. It’s rock and roll that feels like home. Big guitars and even bigger voices."
-YACK Magazine
"Dirty Money combines the best of the punk and pop worlds in spectacular fashion”.
-York Calling 
“Ida Maria Thinks Dangerously"
-LA Weekly 
“ A fun and bouncing pop-rock gem.” 
-Mystic Sons
"In your face punk."
-A Journal of Musical Things
"It’s a Joan Jett style straight forward rock and roll with guitars and attitude turned up to 11. Bombastic and anthemic without drifting into pretentious, it’s a scene stealing strut of a number."
-Postcard Elba 
"All the better that she is back with new songs.'Sick Of You' sounds like what indie has to sound like. Crisp, catchy and also danceable."
-We Love That Sound 
"The Norwegian punk/rock firebrand is back on the attack with an anthemic track."
-Rebel Noise 

About Ida Maria:
Having established herself early in her life as a major label rock n roll artists with breakout hits like 2007's "Oh My God," and 2008's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" from her debut album Fortress 'Round My Heart, Ida Maria returned to Norway in 2013 after becoming disillusioned with the music industry and the major label system. An iconoclast by nature, Ida Maria struggled to fit the industry's perception of her, at one point literally smashing an award she received. "A girl can't put out music on a major platform without going through some twisted insane beauty ideal that doesn't correspond with my own ideals of what a woman can be. A woman is a complex creature. There are not enough complex female role voices out there," she states. Despite the struggle to work within the system, Maria managed to release her third album, Accidental Happiness. Her fourth album Scandalize My Name followed in 2016.  Since then, she has been devoting herself to farming, building a studio, making music on her own terms, and looking inward for self-growth.

Those familiar with Ida will recall the massive global critical acclaim she received starting with her debut album Fortress Round My Heart. While overseas she was coined as the "Indie Rocker It Girl," stateside comparisons were flowing: Pitchfork pointed out her "commanding presence and sexual authority," calling her debut "An awesome Joplin-meets-the-Hold-Steady LP,"  NPR compared her "garage pop" to a "Spunkier Beth Orton fronting The Strokes," while Rolling Stone claimed she's akin to "Nico-meets-Chrissie Hynde," and along with Elle they called her "Norway's hottest Punk-Rock export." Comparisons aside, one thing for sure is that her voice demands attention. 
Follow Ida Maria:

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Star Trek: Discovery: Season Three is arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook on July 20!

After following Commander Burnham into a wormhole in the second season finale, the season three, four-disc collection of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery landing in an unknown future far from the home they once knew. Now living in a time filled with uncertainty, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, along with the help of some new friends, must work together to restore hope to the Federation. The third season stars Sonequa Martin-Green(“Commander Michael Burnham”), Doug Jones(“Commander Saru”), Anthony Rapp (“Lt. Commander Paul Stamets”), Mary Wiseman(“Ensign Sylvia Tilly”), Wilson Cruz (“Dr. Hugh Culber”) and David Ajala (“Cleveland “Book” Booker”). Blu del Barrio (“Adira”), Ian Alexander(“Gray”) and Michelle Yeoh (“Philippa Georgiou”) also appear in season three.

The Star Trek: Discovery: Season Three Blu-ray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook offer hours of special features, including:
  • DELETED SCENES (Exclusive)
  • GAG REEL (Exclusive)


Batwoman: The Conplete Season Is Coming Soon to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital



Contains All 18 Exhilarating Episodes from the Second Season,
Plus All-New Special Features!
Available on Blu-ray™ & DVD September 21, 2021
BURBANK, CA (June 23, 2021) – Watch as Javicia Leslie takes on the mantle of DC Super Hero Batwoman, when Batwoman: The Complete Second Season arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on September 21, 2021 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Strap yourself in for a thrilling ride with all 18 episodes from the second season, plus never-before-seen bonus content including deleted scenes and a gag reel. Batwoman: The Complete Second Season is priced to own at $39.99 SRP for the DVD ($44.98 in Canada) and $44.98 SRP for the Blu-ray ($49.99 in Canada), which includes a Digital Copy (U.S. only). Batwoman: The Complete Second Season is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers, and to stream on HBO Max starting July 27, 2021.

At the end of the first season, Crows Commander Kane (Dougray Scott) has declared war on Batwoman, forcing everyone around them to choose sides. Season two kicks off with a major game-changer that alters Gotham City and The Bat Team forever. A new hero emerges from the shadows. Relatable, messy, loyal, and a little goofy, Ryan Wilder (Leslie) couldn’t be more different than the woman who wore the Batsuit before her, billionaire Kate Kane. Living in her van, Ryan has been made to feel trapped and powerless by the system her whole life and believes the Batsuit is the key to breaking out of it. But what she’ll come to discover is that it’s not the suit that makes Ryan Wilder powerful, it’s the woman inside of it who finds her destiny in changing Gotham City for good. 

With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, Batwoman: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. Featuring all 18 episodes from the second season in high definition, as well as a digital code of the season (available in the U.S. only).

Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me), Rachel Skarsten (Birds of Prey, Reign), Meagan Tandy (unREAL, Teen Wolf), Nicole Kang (You), Camrus Johnson (The Sun Is Also a Star) and Dougray Scott (Departure, Snatch). Based on characters created for DC by Bob Kane with Bill Finger, Batwoman is produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries, Smallville), Geoff Johns (DC’s Stargirl, The Flash, Titans), Sarah Schechter (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash (Gotham, The Vampire Diaries). 

  • Deleted Scenes (Exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD)
  • Gag Reel (Exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD)
  • Villains Analyzed
  • Never Alone: Heroes and Allies

  1. Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?
  2. Prior Criminal History
  3. Bat Girl Magic!
  4. Fair Skin, Blue Eyes
  5. Gore on Canvas
  6. Do Not Resuscitate
  7. It's Best You Stop Digging
  8. Survived Much Worse
  9. Rule #1
  10. Time Off for Good Behavior
  11. Arrive Alive
  12. Initiate Self Destruct
  13. I’ll Give You a Clue
  14. …And Justice For All
  15. Armed and Dangerous
  16. Rebirth
  17. Kane, Kate
  18. Power

Batwoman: The Complete Second Season is available to own on Digital. Digital purchase allows consumers to instantly stream and download all episodes to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices. Digital movies and TV shows are available from various digital retailers including Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and others. 

Street Date: September 21, 2021
Order Due Date: August 17, 2020
BD and DVD Presented in 16x9 widescreen format
Running Time: Feature: Approx 793 min
Enhanced Content: Approx 55 min 

Price: $39.99 SRP ($44.98 in Canada)
4-Discs (4 DVD-9s)
Audio – English (5.1)
Subtitles – English SDH

Price: $44.98 SRP ($49.99 in Canada)
3-Discs (3 BD-50s)
Audio – DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 – English
BD Subtitles – English SDH

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The Misfits Arrive on DVD on August 10th


Release Dates:                Now in Select Theaters, On Digital & On Demand 

                                           On DVD August 10

Starring:                           Pierce Brosnan, Rami Jaber, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Chung, Mike Angelo with Tim Roth and Nick Cannon

Directed By:                    Renny Harlin

Story By:                           Robert Henny

Screenplay By:                 Kurt Wimmer and Robert Henny              

Synopsis:                          A band of modern-day Robin Hoods known as "The Misfits" recruit renowned thief Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan) to help them pull off the heist of the century. The prize: millions in gold bars stashed underneath one of the world's most secure prisons. Hold on tight for a globe-trotting, action-packed thriller from the director of Die Hard 2.

Genre:                               Action

Run Time:                         94 minutes

Rating:                               R for some language/sexual references and brief drug use. 

Distributor:                      The Avenue


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Three acclaimed cinematic classics join the collectible Paramount Presents line with the Blu-ray release of A PLACE IN THE SUN and NASHVILLE on August 10, 2021 and BUGSY MALONE, making its U.S. Blu-ray debut on August 31, from Paramount Home Entertainment.


Three acclaimed cinematic classics join the collectible Paramount Presents line with the Blu-ray release of A PLACE IN THE SUN and NASHVILLE on August 10, 2021 and BUGSY MALONE, making its U.S. Blu-ray debut on August 31, from Paramount Home Entertainment.



Director George Stevens’ masterwork A PLACE IN THE SUN won six* Academy Awards® and is widely considered one of the finest works of America cinema.  Remastered from a 4K film transfer in celebration of its 70th anniversary, the film is presented on Blu-ray with a brand-new Filmmaker Focus featuring film historian Leonard Maltin talking about George Stevens and the innovative film techniques he used for this unforgettable story of ambition, passion, and betrayal.  The disc also includes previously released bonus content, including commentary by George Stevens, Jr. and Ivan Moffat, retrospective cast and crew interviews, and a segment on George Stevens featuring filmmakers who knew him.


Montgomery Clift stars as George Eastman, a young man determined to win a place in respectable society and the heart of a beautiful socialite (Elizabeth Taylor). Shelley Winters is the factory girl whose dark secret threatens Eastman’s professional and romantic prospects.



Director Robert Altman’s seminal film NASHVILLE remains an essential classic of 70s cinema with its complexly textured portrayal and critique of America’s obsession with celebrity and power.  Newly remastered from a 4K scan of original elements, the film is presented on Blu-ray with a new featurette entitled “24 Tracks: Robert Altman’s Nashville.”  The disc also includes a previously released commentary by Altman.


Fittingly, NASHVILLE is Volume 24 of the Paramount Presents line as the film follows 24 distinct characters with intersecting storylines over five days in the titular city.  The phenomenal ensemble cast includes Ned Beatty, Ronee Blakley, Keith Carradine, Karen Black, Geraldine Chaplin, Henry Gibson, Michael Murphy, Lily Tomlin, Shelley Duvall, Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, and Barbara Harris.



Acclaimed director Alan Parker redefined the movie musical with his first feature-length film, BUGSY MALONE, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.  Available for the first time in the U.S. on Blu-ray, the film has been remastered from the original elements for this limited-edition release. The Blu-ray includes a new Filmmaker Focus delving into this early work from the director of FameThe Commitments, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Mississippi Burning, and Evita.


Set in 1929 New York City, BUGSY MALONEcaptures a flashy world of would-be hoodlums, showgirls, and dreamers—all portrayed by child actors. As Tallulah, the sassy girlfriend of the owner of Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy, future superstar Jodie Foster leads a talented cast.  Parker’s sharp script, combined with the music and lyrics of Paul Williams, makes for an irresistible satire that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


The limited-edition Paramount Presents Blu-ray Discs come in collectible packaging featuring a foldout image of each film’s theatrical poster and an interior spread with key movie moments.  Each disc also includes access to a digital copy of the film.


About Paramount Presents

This collectible line spans celebrated classics to film-lover favorites, each from the studio’s renowned library.  Every Paramount Presents release features never-before-seen bonus content and exclusive collectible packaging.  Additional titles available in the Paramount Presents collection on Blu-ray include: Fatal AttractionKing CreoleTo Catch a ThiefFlashdanceDays of ThunderPretty In PinkAirplane!, Ghost, Roman Holiday, The Haunting, The Golden ChildTrading Places, The Court Jester, Love Story, Elizabethtown, The Greatest Show on Earth, Mommie Dearest, Last Train From Gun Hill, 48 HRS., Another 48 HRS., and Almost Famous. 


About Paramount Home Entertainment

Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment.  PPC is a unit of ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC; VIACA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands.  The PHE division oversees PPC’s home entertainment and transactional digital distribution activities worldwide. The division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television Studios, Paramount Players, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CBS and applicable licensing and servicing of certain DreamWorks Animation titles.  PHE additionally manages global licensing of studio content and transactional distribution across worldwide digital distribution platforms including online, mobile and portable devices and emerging technologies