Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gotham and Constantine trailers on YouTube.

While Marvel's MCU is arguably the best multiple comic series live action adaptation on the big screen, on the small screen Marvel has not faired as well with Agents of Shield disappointing many fans upon it's premiere. Perhaps it is ironic that DC comics is fairing better on the small screen as it tries to retool it's properties to create a big screen live action cinematic universe for it's superheroes, which began last year with the box office hit, but somewhat too dark for it's own good, Man of Steel.

Next TV season will see DC come out in full force with it's hit continuing CW series Arrow and it's spinoff The Flash premiereing next fall and Fox airing the Batman prequel TV series Gotham while NBC brings Constantine to the small screen as well. Trailers for Gotham and Constantine are below. They can easily be found on YouTube as well.