Thursday, May 8, 2014

Godzilla Invades YouTube Space LA!

Godzilla Invades YouTube Space LA!

YouTube Space LA, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Entertainment  have teamed up to bring Godzilla crashing onto the biggest video sharing platform in the world. Legendary is collaborating with YouTube’s top talent to create original videos celebrating the return of the iconic King of the Monsters to theatres everywhere this summer. Original set pieces, costumes, props and exclusive film assets have become an epic backdrop at YouTube Space LA, allowing for uncensored use by content creators in this innovative partnership.

The “Godzilla Invades YouTube”  program is offered by YouTube Next Lab, the programming arm of YouTube Space LA, to inspire the next generation of storytellers through innovative programming and partnerships that push the creative envelope. This initiative marks the first time a studio has recreated a film set at YouTube Space LA.

From April 16 – May 8, 2014, YouTube creators wrote, shot and edited videos inspired by the upcoming motion picture Godzilla,which will appear on the official Legendary YouTube channel, as well as on their own channels, and will be promoted on the Godzilla and Warner Bros. Pictures social media pages. Videos are slated to go live between May 8 and the film’s theatrical release on May 16, 2014.

From special collaborations to throwbacks to the original kaiju movies, here’s a sneak peek from Nerdist News and Jessica Chabot on what’s coming up from the “Godzilla Invades YouTube” program at:

Participating YouTube channels include, but not limited to:

Live Videos & Teasers

Anna Akana (61 million video views;  841,000 subscribers)


Arika Sato (7.6 million views; 135,000 subscribers)

Project J (Teaser)

Flula (44 million views;  340,000 subscribers):

GODZILLA TRAILER (w/ Small Re-Casting by Flula)

Help Me Find Parents (21 million views; 67,000 subscribers)

White Samurai Meets Godzilla ゴジラvsホワイト侍

ISAtv (11.8 million views; 180,000 subscribers)  

Do Your Tweets Create Social Change? - Angry Asian America Ep. 4 ft. Jubilee Project + Taz Ahmed

Jason Horton (12 million views; 93,000 subscribers)

Godzilla Talk & Easter Eggs w/ Max Borenstein (6 Things About Godzilla)

Godzilla Movie Drama (2014)

Michelle Phan  (912 million views; 6.3 million subscribers)


Sawyer Hartman (49 million views; 1.6 million subscribers)

MY NEW FILM! - Teaser #1 • Welcome To Tokyo

Upcoming Videos

AJ Rafael (111 million views; 530,000 subscribers): YouTube music star known for popular music covers and original songs.

Black Nerd Comedy (37 million views; 248,000 subscribers): Black Nerd Rants,  80s-90s Nostalgia, Comic-Cons, Spoofs, Vlogs, Awkward Talks with Girls  and more from Andre Meadows.

CineFix (44 million views; 513,000 subscribers): A destination for true movie buffs and filmmakers that offers original programming, in-depth interviews with new and established filmmakers and actors, and unique rants, raves and reviews about the world of filmed entertainment.

The Fu Music (5.6 million views; 93,000 subscribers):  Where you will find original and cover songs paired with creative videos, such as stop motion and more from Jacob & Josh (aka The Fu).

Goldentusk  (49 million views; 53,000 subscribers): Puts words to music and laughs on silence. This is his private collection that only YOU can see with funny sketches and musical parodies.

I Want My Lauren (11 million views; 98,000 subscribers):  Movies, humor, comedy and parodies from actress and TV host Lauren Francesca.

MadAtoms (5 million views; 30, 000 subscribers): Comedy For People (Who Have Internet).

MOVIECLIPS Trailers (1.8 billion views; 5 million subscribers): Destination for hot new trailers the second they drop, as well as original content including Ultimate Trailers, Instant Trailer Reviews, monthly mashups and awards show coverage.

MyHarto (90 million video views; 1.1 million subscribers):  

Comedian Hannah Hart interviews Godzilla about his parents in a therapy session.

Nacho Punch (112 million views; 970,000 subscribers): Sketches, pranks, music videos, animated comedy, series, shows, and other funny videos.

Nerdist (297 million views; 2 million subscribers): Founded by Chris Hardwick, video entertainment for all of your nerdy passions and a whole lot of funny.

The Platform (23 million views; 363,000 subscribers): A community of passionate content creators who share a love of beauty, fashion, and self expression.

Pimplywimp (13 million views; 37,000 subscribers): Comedy without a catchphrase.

Random Encounters (9.3 million views; 51,000 subscribers):  Part Walt Disney and part Monty Python, Random Encounters lovingly -- musically -- pokes and prods at everyone's favorite games as only a squadron of nerds could.

The Second City Network (68 million views; 161,000 subscribers): Funny video sketches and series from The Second City, the famous Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood based comedy theatre and school of improv.

Vsauce 3 (126 million views; 1.7 million subscribers): Hosted by Jake Roper, a channel dedicated to fictional worlds, as well as video games.  

The Warp Zone (85 million views; 545,000 subscribers): The Warp Zone is sketch comedy, let's play gaming, nerd humor, music video parodies, and  awesomeness. Brought to you by five reasonably talented and marginally funny video game loving dudes: Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Fish, and Odom.

YouTube Nation (1.2 million subscribers):Hosted by Jacob Soboroff, the popular daily show scours the web to help you find great videos.


The “Godzilla Invades YouTube” playlist is available with updates daily at: