Monday, July 28, 2014

Sexploitation! | *New* Infographic & Fandor Film Collection

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Part of Sex and the Cinema's history, beginning with "nudie cuties" slyly showing skin for, ahem, educational purposes, these boundary-pushing films arouse with an air of sexual liberation in the '60s. Sexploitation increasingly figured in the public eye as filmmakers took more risqué risks - even trying to be artistic!- until the early 90's, when VCRs and cable TV brought outright porn fully into the privacy of homes.  

 The films assembled in this Spotlight collection presented by Fandor are perhaps best appreciated chronologically, starting with Doris Wishman's nudist camp-set caper HIDEOUT IN THE SUN (1960) and ending with David Duchovny starring in RED SHOE DIARIES (1992), which was originally made for TV and launched a series that became a late night softcore titillation staple for Showtime. 

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