Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Made From The Heart.

When I was a boy, my older brother could create things for me out of spare model parts, broken toys and other materials. Long before it was made commercially available as a Kenner toy play set, he took cardboard and bit and pieces of whatever he could find, including the engines of an Eagle One from Space 1999 and made me an ATAT from The Empire Strikes Back. I wish I had photos of it because though he denies it and may even feel embarrassed that I am mentioning it, my brother has always been a gifted artist in his own right. He helped make my childhood all the more special. He sent me the photo I posted below today and wrote, "I guess I was not the only kid who made Star Wars toys out of junk ." I say, "Of course not, but only you made things for me and I love you all the more for it because it was out of the goodness of your heart brother. Thank you."