Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Japan's Postwar Zeitgeist In Cinema On Fandor

New Criterion Picks: Through the Eyes of a Child
In Japan's postwar zeitgeist, a new, rebellious youth culture emerged alongside the nascent stirrings of a new cinema, one as obstreperous, audacious and bellicose as its young protagonists. 

The Perfect Game (1958)
dir. Toshio Masuda
A burglary by morally suspect college students goes, as one might expect, horribly awry. This tale of misspent youth is Japan's In Cold Blood.
The Warped Ones (1960)
dir. Koreyoshi Kurahara
Japan's amswer to Breathless: a dynamic and frenetic plunge into a transgressive, hedonistic and impetuous group of nihilistic young criminals. 
Cruel Story of Youth (1960)
dir. Nagisa Ôshima
A toxic tale of two damaged, dysfunctional young adults, their codependent romance and their ruthless schemes of seduction and blackmail. 
Crazed Fruit (1956)
dir. Kô Nakahira
Alcoholic, waterskiing sex maniacs: the postwar youth are out of control! At least, that's what this seminal taiyozoku film would have you believe.  
Everything Goes Wrong (1960)
dir. Seijun Suzuki
A son's betrayal sets off a shocking chain of events set to an improvised jazz soundtrack with loose camerawork evoking the anger and chaos of youth.