Friday, March 4, 2016

Thoughts After Binge Watching The First Two Seasons Of Fargo.

Finished watching the first season of Fargo and now that I have seen the two seasons thus far I have to state I loved this show. The subtle connections between the seasons and the movie as well as the terrific writing, acting and dramatic music are all true to the original film and underscores the dark humor. Billy Bob Thornton deserved every award he got for his role. His enigmatic villain might as well have been the Devil in disguise, but he is all too human in so far as one can classify his character as such. Another standout was Allison Toleman. Her character is comparable to Frances McDormand's Oscar winning role in the feature film and I think her character is a terrific post feminist role model where she is an independent and intelligent woman and yet she embraces her feminine untiring side as well so that she is not a woman fighting to be every bit as good in a man's world. She is equal if not more intelligent than most if not all of her colleagues, but she is also proud to be a woman in her personal and professional relationships too. I found her character to be refreshing. She is not Ellen Ripley and she is not Edith Bunker. She transcends the cliches by simply being who she is and in so doing she surpasses many female screen heroes. Colin Hanks has a good chemistry with her and Martin Freeman is the perfect doppelgänger and foil to Thornton's force of nature like menace. Highly recommend watching this series on or offline if you have not already.