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FANDOR | September Film Highlights



Cartoon College (2012)

Featured Fandor Debut:August 29 | Directors: Tara Wray and Josh Melrod

Each fall 20 promising cartoon artists immerse themselves in The Center for Cartoon 
Studies’ grueling Masters program to develop their talent in preparation for a career
in one of the least secure and most underpaid of professions. This documentary
features interviews with the students and prominent comics artists such as Chris
Ware, Lynda Barry, Art Spiegelman, Francoise Mouly, Scott McCloud, Jason Lutes
and James Sturm.

The Lickerish Quartet (1970)

Fandor Debut: September 5 |Director: Radley Metzger

Legendary sexploitation film director Radley Metzger’s art cinema background is on 
full display in this classic of the genre, considered by many to be his major opus. He
plays with flashbacks, flash-forwards, dreams, multiple perspectives and ultimately
questions of identity and reality. An aristocratic couple and their adult son
encounter a beautiful female daredevil at a carnival whom they invite back to their
castle. As she seduces each member of the family, their desires and memories shift
their perspective on her identity.

Who Is Dayani Cristal? (2013)

Fandor SVOD Premiere:September 9 | Director: Marc Silver 

Featuring Gael Garcia Bernal

This powerful documentary employs multiple tacks to uncover the identity of a 
corpse found in the Arizona Sonora desert by the Border Patrol. On one level, the
film follows the police procedural model, tracing the official investigation. But
parallel to this investigation, the filmmakers interview the missing man’s family to
present a rounded portrait of the life and personality of the man now reduced to
another corpse and statistic. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal traces the dead man’s
journey as an illegal migrant from Honduras to Arizona, speaking with other hopeful
“illegals” along the way.


Manakamana (2013)

Fandor SVOD Premiere:September 12 | Directors: Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez

This documentary feature uses a simple, almost hypnotic, visual structure to evoke 
the spiritual, emotional, and cultural complexities of pilgrims making the journey to
Nepal’s Manakamana Temple. Pacho Velez shoots a series of cable-car trips to the
temple using a static camera framing each set of passengers in an identical
medium shot for the ride. The pilgrims reveal themselves against this ascetic
grounding through words, actions and even with silence.


Double Play (2013)

Featured Fandor Debut:September 19 | Director: Gabe Klinger

This unique documentary focuses on the friendship between director Richard 
Linklater (Before Midnight, Boyhood) and experimental filmmaker James Benning,
combining filmed conversations and archival material to explore connections
between the work and lives of these two American visionaries.

Hellaware (2013)

Featured SVOD Exclusive Premiere: September 26 |Director: Michael Bilandic

Jaded by the “incestuous, New York, socialite shit” that sells at prominent art 
galleries, Nate (Keith Poulson) embarks on a quest for a more authentic brand of
contemporary art. When a coked-up YouTube search leads to a music video from
Delawarean Goth rappers Young Torture Killaz, an Insane Clown Posse knock-off,
Nate knows he’s found his subjects. He soon drags his friend-with-benefits
Bernadette (Sophia Takal) to rural Delaware to shoot the group playing in their
parents’ basement. To “immerse himself” in the group’s culture and add an extra
layer of realism to his work, Nate befriends the rappers and makes return trips to get
to know them. But as his relationship with group develops, he becomes increasingly
aware that, while you can take the boy out of the art world, you can’t take the art
world out of the boy.

Love in the City (L'Amore in Città, 1953)

Featured Fandor Debut: September 26 | Director: Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico 
Fellini, Alberto Lattuada, Carlo Lizzani, Francesco Maselli, Dino Risi and Cesare
In 1953, writer Cesare Zavattini, the leading light in the Italian neo-realism film 
movement, brought together five directors, including Michelangelo Antonioni and
Federico Fellini, to explore love in contemporary Rome. Each director contributed a
short for the omnibus that captured a different element of “love” told in his own
unique style. The film presents a surprisingly diverse array of subjects including
heartbreak-fueled suicide attempts, the struggles of an unwed mother and even a
young woman’s encounter with a purported werewolf.




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