Saturday, August 9, 2014

A better than average passive paper thin HDTV antenna solution hampered by a coaxial cable that is too short.

This review is of the 1Byone® 0.02" Paper Thin Digital Indoor TV Antenna Aerial Ultra Thin Lightweight Soft Design with High Gain and Low Noise Excellent Reception for Digital Freeview and Analog TV HDTV Digital Terrestrial Signals Type#0189
The 1Byone 0.02" Paper Thin Digital Indoor TV Antenna has a small flat footprint and can be placed on a window, wall or even behind a picture frame depending on where you get the best reception. I chose a passive antenna because I had purchased amplified indoor antennas in the past and felt the results were not worth the price I also did not want to deal with something else I had to plug into the power strip. The advantage here is that the 1Byone 0.02" Paper Thin Digital Indoor TV Antenna has one less wire to hide and wherever I place it, I know it is getting the signals on it's own naturally and not because of any electrical enhancement. I get what I get and the results are mostly positive. The antenna pulls about 45 local broadcast channels in the TriState area. The only local channel I have been unable to get is The CW, which sucks because I like some of their programming. The sticker on the antenna is very strong. I must have moved it five times trying to get the best reception. I found the very top of my livingroom window yielded the best results, but the coaxial cable is attached to the antenna itself and cannot be removed without breaking it. The cord is too short. I am lucky i can reach my channel master DVR+ because i can move the device, but I would have preferred the coaxial cable on the antenna be removable so I could use a longer cable and have more flexibility in the placement of the antenna in relation to my TV and over the air DVR. Outside of that and my inability to pull in The CW, the antenna works well enough for the price. Better than amplified rabbit ear antennas and the over the air picture quality is outstanding.
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