Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Green Screen Handbook: Second Edition Book Review

The Green Screen Handbook: Second Edition is a softcover textbook quality publication written by Author and Digital Graphics and Visual Effects Designer Jeff Foster. In this era of digital independent video production, the use of a Green Screen is no longer the exclusive domain of effects professionals in film and television as well as Aspiring Film and Television students. Now through the miracle of the internet, independent artists, filmmakers, media reviewers and Video Bloggers successfully develop professional video programs and series to be viewed on services like YouTube, iTunes podcast and Roku Streaming Set Top Box Channels. The Green Screen Handbook: Second Edition gives professionals and aspiring students alike, regardless if they are enrolled in any program or not, extremely detailed diagrams and demonstrations with lots of illustrated and photographic examples and easy to comprehend instruction covering vast chapters of knowledge under general headings that cover the Matting Process, Scene Setting, Compositing Footage, and more across eighteen chapters and four hundred pages including an excellent index that complements the extensive content covered in each chapter of the book.

If you are interested in green screen video production at any level,  The Green Screen Handbook: Second Edition is a must own text book and reference resource. The Green Screen Handbook: Second Edition is available now at retailers on and offline courtesy of Focal Press.

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