Thursday, March 19, 2015

HTC and Robert Downey Jr. Release 'M9 Project' Short Film Series.

HTC teamed up with longtime creative collaborator Robert Downey Jr., to create the M9 Project in support of the new HTC One M9 phone. The M9 Project is a series of shorts representing  the creative collaboration between Robert Downey Jr., Russell Scott of Jetset Studios and HTC. The nine videos debuted at SXSW on Tuesday, March 17, with an exclusive preview online courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. 

HTC has now released all nine videos from Robert Downey Jr. and a NEVER-SEEN before intro from HTC CMO, Idris Mootee. The videos can be viewed on the HTC website by clicking a single color to preview the accompanied video.  Viewers are encouraged to screen the videos in the suggested order to capture the artistic meaning behind the film project. The film are NOT a part of an advertising campaign, but rather a fun and clever project to highlight the HTC One M9.
These playful vignettes juxtapose the sleek, color-changing attributes of the new HTC One with timeless pop-culture inspirations, from The Prisoner to Andy Warhol to Charlie Chaplin. Viewed individually or as a whole, the M9 Project speaks to the HTC philosophy: One Life. Make it Count. 

Never seen before intro video and explanation from HTC CMO, Idris Mootee: 
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