Sunday, May 1, 2016

High-Rise Spoiler Discussion.

Note the conversation after watching the YouTube video linked below and listen to what the Tom Hiddleston character says to Jeremy Irons as we looks at his designs and then keep in mind that this building is so huge that what you see in the clip is on the fortieth floor. I cannot help but think that like my suspicion in Event Horizon, the Architect psychically on an unconscious level created a complex that would create what he thinks is utopia, but in fact he I is returning man back to tribal hunter and gathering societies and a kind of organized chaos. The irony is this is supposed to be the near future and so the Archetect created a luxury building so that it will collapse to create the Petrie dish for his experiment all on a subconscious level. Things get crazy in there. There are other references to theArchitect's  interest and carrying out sociological experiments. I think the High-Rise and the entire development is like one giant magnet for everything that occurs in the film and one has to wonder what else is to come in this brave new world west of Lord of the Flies.