Sunday, February 5, 2023

Supernatural Assault Scene Edit.


This is taken from Susperia (2018). I have wanted to see what can be done with tones and in this experiment I wanted to evoke something that looked like it was occurring in hell. Cutting out the cross-cutting between this character in this short and another performing, I just wanted to focus on the brutal nature of the assault so I used two different apps. iMovie and Chromic. My regret is I did not enhance the audio enough so every sound of the person’s bones being cracked are emphasized to make it even harder to watch. I could perhaps look into that in the future, but this is pretty gruesome and scary as it is. I own nothing here.

Supernatural Assault Scene. (4 by 3 Tube Version):

Supernatural Assault Scene. (Modified For Mobile Screens Version):

Original Uncut Sequence As It Appears In The Film. Click On The Photo Icon Below To View On YouTube.