Thursday, February 23, 2023

Shining Shades.

Jack Nicholson is a great actor. It is easy to take it for granted especially if you grew up watching his films post the theatrical release of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but boy is it revelation at how his performance is so strong coupled with Stanley Kubrick’s direction and everyone who worked on The Shining (1980) in front of and behind the cameras too. In keeping with my previous excerpts from The Shining I have began with a color comic filter and contrasted that with the comic mono filter as soon as we first see Lloyd the bartender to contrast both the supernatural and evil nature of the Overlook Hotel. After Jack’s character takes his first drink and the glass hits the bar it will turn to comic mono. When it happens a second time, a subtle change to the ink filter occurs to really show how the Overlook has taken hold of him, making his character look sick and evil. However when we cut to Shelly Winters running down the hallway it briefly cuts back to the comic color filter until she runs into the room where her husband is. That room is black and white comic mono until her hand touches Jack’s shoulder, distracting him and briefly pulling him out of the hotel’s hold.

This accounts for the other scenes where I used a mix of color and mono comic filters, particularly the conversation with the ghost of the previous caretaker in the bathroom of the hotel. Please note that is not owned by me. Everything is the property of Warner Brothers/Discovery, The Stanley Kubrick Estate and Stephen King. I own nothing and claim nothing. Thank you.

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