Thursday, February 9, 2023

Sunshine by way of Dark Star & Dark Star by way of Sunshine: Widescreen Version With Supporting Production Information.

Sunshine by way of Dark Star & Dark Star by way of Sunshine.

I was inspired by @CriticalDrinkerAfterHours

after he posted a review of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine on his channel and then I remembered there is a character named Pinback in Dark Star and a character named Pinbacker in Sunshine. Now I thought I could be imagining this because it has been years since I saw Sunshine and I don’t even have the Blu-ray anymore. I thought the naming of one character was a nod to the other just like a real Sci-Fi film fan’s inside joke. So I took audio from Dark Star, which was John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon ‘s first feature film respectively and I put it on a deleted scene from Danny Boyle’s and Alex Garland’s Sunshine and this is the result. Later looking on Wikipedia I discovered there was indeed a conscious connection and Pinbacker (Mark Strong) in Sunshine was indeed inspired by the character of Pinback (Dan o’Bannon)in Dark Star. At the end of the scene I have placed a screen shot of the exact point from the Wikipedia article.

Ultimately I was kind of knocked out from all of the editing I had one with my explanations of the use of color in Logan’s Run that I really should re-edit the sequence so the Dark Star dialogue matches better with the Sunshine clips, but it is what it is. My idea was Cillian Murphy was like Lieutenant Doolittle (Brian Narelle) in Dark Star and Mark Strong was like a malfunctioning android that Doolittle is trying to talk down. The voice subbing for Mark Strong is Dan O’Bannon, who voiced two of the planet destroying bombs in Dark Star under the pseudonyms Alan Sheretz and Alan Beckenbaugh. So basically in Sunshine you have a character trying to prevent the sabotage of a nuclear bomb strong enough to rekindle the Sun’s own fusion and save the Earth while in Dark Star you have a character trying to talk down an artificially intelligent  or you could say “Smart Bomb” that is malfunctioning and threatens to destroy the ship, thus ending the crew of the Dark Star’s mission to destroy unstable planets in advance of human colonization of the stable ones. So in Sunshine they are literally using a nuke to save the world while in Dark Star they are using nukes to destroy worlds. Interesting dichotomy. Anyway if you made it to the end of my long description, thank you and if you did not make it, thank you anyway. I hope you like the video. Please note I own nothing here. Everything used is the property of the respective rights holders and I am merely presenting something I thought might be interesting, but ultimately I hope you all have fun too. Thank you.