Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Logan’s Run Color Reinterpretations.

After my work on the supernatural assault sequence from Susperia (2018) a friend of mine requested I do a stylized take on Logan’s Run. He may have been kidding, but I took it seriously and spent the night editing coloring three different locations. For the world under the dome, I used the blockbuster filter because it gave everything a cold sheen and brightened the hot colors to emphasize that this entire environment is really a cold place emotionally. Pleasures are indulged through technology so bright colors are hot and warm colors are cold with no compromise. I used a blue filter to differentiate between the cold world of the domed city and Box’s icy lair. This is the gateway between worlds. The last hurdle where you either make it beyond the confines of the dome or your frozen for food. Finally for all outside the city scenes I used the camo filter because the outside world should be muted rather than lush. They are trading in a life of pleasure at a price for a life of struggle and hardship in return for the privilege of rediscovering monogamy and the possibility of having their own children and growing old. None of these people are prepared for this, so the future will be based on how they adapt and work cohesively with the faith that these children of tomorrow will not make the same mistakes as the parents of the past. This applies to all of these shorts. I own nothing here and claim nothing either. Thank you.

Introducing Logan and Francis:

Entering Carousel:





Getting A New Face:

Enter The Sandmen:


Francis Confronts Logan Outside The Dome:

Logan, You Renewed: 

Learning What Is Husband And Wife:

You Can Live:

Defeating The Machine: