Monday, October 3, 2016

I regret the need to express my dislike in this statement regarding our current political situation.

I have been keeping my mouth silent out of fear and intimidation, but now after reading about blatant attacks against the constitutional rights of my fellow Facebook friends, I am going to speak up even if it means that certain people may unfriend me or not work with me anymore. 

Though I have a right to keep this to myself, I am going to tell you all my stance on the voting for political parties in the United States. I grew up during the Reagan era and like many teenagers of the time, I was taken in by what seemed like a golden and prosperous age for the United States. I had no idea about the darker side of what was going on during that time. So of course I voted for George H.W. Bush because I simply believed he would help the economy in this country following the crash of 1987.  I was wrong because the job prospects that existed in the 1980s for a young person dried up. I had friends who could not afford to go to college because they could not find a job to pay the tuition.

So when Clinton came around, I voted for him and I had no idea about the Clinton's background. I just knew Clinton seemed more connected to working class Americans. Then a great many deals that hurt the economy were signed into law including the deregulation of certain safety nets put into place after the Great Depression that prevented banks from investing against their clients in the stock markets as though they were brokers. As a result we had the crash of 2008 because the greedy banks discovered they could earn more money by shorting the market and subsequently foreclosures that occurred allowed the banks to foreclose and sell the properties to too big to fail insiders at pennies on the dollar. 

Now I have gotten ahead of myself. After voting for Clinton twice, I voted for Al Gore and unfortunately the election was stolen from him by W. I voted for John Kerry and he lost and then came President Obama. I voted for him because I thought he was going to be another Kennedy. I was wrong. He doubled down on Bush's policies and I lost faith in politicians because as far as I am concerned the faces may change, but the agendas stay the same. Now we have two candidates that no one really likes. Why is this? Now whether you agree with me or not, is your choice, but it is my right the voice my opinion and it is American voters' rights to put a pro Clinton or Trump sign on their private property just like it has been the right of Bernie Sanders supporters to keep their posters up in protest over what occurred at the DNC this past summer. 

I don't claim to know all the facts. I am just an American citizen like many of you are. The only thing I know is things have not changed for the better and I am sick and tired of the ugliness this campaign has brought out on both sides. We are Americans. We don't all see eye to eye on things, but we have a right to disagree in peace and not be intimidated by competing factions. I would love to believe Trump really has a selfless desire to make America great again, but no billionaires run for public office without an agenda they seek. As for Hilary, I simply do not trust her anymore than I trust any politician on either side of the fence. So I am not endorsing anyone except for my friends who are liberal and conservative and all in between because this is America and you can like who you like and peacefully express your point of view. When this ugly season is behind us, whatever is going to happen will happen and then all we will have is each other. So please people, be good to each other. Remember the the golden rule, "Treat others as you would have them treat you." Thank you.