Monday, August 8, 2016

This Month on THIRTEEN - American Experience: The Presidents

Tune in to THIRTEEN Monday, August 8 at 9pm for part one of American Experience: The Presidents, a special look back at the lives of six recent presidents. The films feature insight and commentary from America’s leading presidential historians including Doris Kearns Goodwin, Robert Dallek, Robert Caro, Tim Naftali, and Douglas Brinkley; and features interviews with world leaders, family members, and political insiders from Nancy Reagan to Colin Powell. 

John F. Kennedy (Monday, August 8 at 9pm) offers a fresh assessment of the president, his accomplishments, and his unfulfilled promise. Stream full film & clips online » 

Lyndon B. Johnson (Wednesday, August 10 at 10pm) focuses on JFK’s successor who put into motion many of the programs that continue to shape American life today. Stream full film & clips online » 

Richard Nixon (Friday August 12, at 9pm) explores the strengths and weaknesses that propelled Nixon to the presidency and then brought him down. Stream full film & clips online » 

Jimmy Carter (Monday, August 15 at 9pm) reviews one of the greatest political dramas in American politics, his presidency, defeat in 1980 and post-presidential career as a philanthropist and humanitarian. Stream full film & clips online » 

Ronald Reagan (Tuesday, August 16 at 9pm) explores the life of the actor, governor, and president who saw America as “a shining city on a hill.” Stream full film & clips online » 

George H.W. Bush (Monday, August 22 at 9pm) examines the life of a man who became a pivotal player during a critical moment in American and world history. Stream full film & clips online » 

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