Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Release Date Announcement: INTRUDERS Comes To Theaters From Momentum Pictures

(formerly SHUT IN)
In Theaters and on VOD on January 15, 2016

Starring: Beth Riesgraf, Jack Kesy, Martin Starr (Dead Snow), Rory Culkin
Directed by: Adam Schindler
Producers: Steven Schneider, Jeff Rice, Lati Grobman, Erik Olsen
Executive ProducersTommy Vlahopoulos, Christa Campbell, Matthew Lamothe, 
Brian Netto, Rob Van Norden

PANIC ROOM meets YOU'RE NEXT in this gripping home invasion horror-thriller, full of shocks and surprises. After three criminals, including fan favorite Martin Starr, break into a supposedly empty house, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the occupant, a shy young woman with a few nasty tricks of her own to play on the invaders.


"Shut In is a highly competent, suspenseful, and fun thriller that never overstays its welcome." 
 School Rejects
"This is a movie to see in a packed house so you can all go on the ride together"
- Crave Online

"It's a siege thriller with a twist - a tale of survival with a mean streak and an emotional undercurrent so raw that it makes the terror on-screen feel all the more real." 
The Reel Roundup

"It's almost impossible to look away from what is happening..." 
The Film Reel