Monday, December 9, 2013

Is Indiana Jones 5 In Development?

There is little to base this other than a tweet, but paraphrasing what Director/Producer Frank Marshall tweeted, he mentioned that it felt a little strange being at the Lucasfilm office on Disney's lot in the Indiana Jones office, but he is sure he will get used to it. So what does that mean?

Honestly, nothing but vague speculation at this point, but Marshall is a good director and between him and Kathleen Kennedy, who now runs Lucasfilm for Disney after being hand picked by Lucas, I have to state that I cannot think of anyone else outside of Ford and Spielberg who know the franchise better since Lucas is more or less semi retired. 

Now Ford has stated he wants to do one more, but if they are going to continue with the story I am afraid that they will need a new young Indy and I don't know off the top of my head who could fit the bill? I mean this is harder than trying to pick who the next James Bond should be? Do you have any ideas? Share them here. Thank you.