Sunday, March 5, 2023

Kubrick By Kubrick Documentary Review.

Kubrick By Kubrick attempts to distill a sense of the unknowable, which is having Stanley Kubrick discuss his films with the viewer from beyond the grave. I state unknowable because Mr. Kubrick’s consciousness and soul may have left echoes of itself behind through the recorded audio interview used to contrast with what others state about him, but in the end you get what you get from an examination of what one leaves behind, but even if you resurrect that person, he or she is not going to be the same person they were before they died anymore than the person is the same after the passage of time. Age greatly effects memory and that in turn changes how one views anything subjectively so no matter how objective one tries to be whether you are sitting on a jury listening to two lawyers try and convince you to adapt their version of what happened or you are sitting in front of a television, the experience is simply different so documentaries like this always by their very nature try to sell the general idea that what is documented is the truth and if you believe what you are being told separates itself from fiction, never be so persuaded that documentaries are not storytelling and by extension, documentarians are not storytellers because even Mr. Kubrick towards the end seems to suggest that if anything narratives are stories and the nature of these presentations are evolving. Keep that in mind as you watch this and also keep in mind the same applies to me as the reviewer. I can relate my experience in words, but that does not make my review the definitive opinion on anything other than this is how I felt at the time after I saw it.

Like building a wall of sound and images across the plane of perception, Kubrick By Kubrick will expand one’s understanding of someone whose allusive nature created by the mythology around him that only grows in time Kubrick By Kubrick if you will.

Kubrick By Kubrick will be released exclusively by Level 33 Entertainment on Digital | VOD platforms starting March 21, 2023 and is directed by Gregory Monro.

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