Friday, March 24, 2023

American Dad Season 18 TBS Original Animated Series Review.


The 18th season of American Dad will premiere on TV on Monday, March 27, 2023 at 10pm (ET/PT). The new season features guest voices of Pete Davidson, Anjelica Houston, Jason Alexander, Jaleel White, Chris Sullivan, Ann Dowd, Amy Sedaris, Alan Tudyk, Alyson Hannigan and Simon Helberg. The first five episodes have their moments though at times it seemed more like the kind of animated comedy where you laugh on the inside as opposed outward and maybe it is because I am older now, but I remember laughing out loud when it aired on Fox in the 2000s and the humor seemed more risqué back then despite the fact that you can get away with a little more on basic cable television as opposed to free over the air broadcast television.

The premiere episode entitled “Fellow Traveler” in many ways is the most ambitious as it details how Roger came to Earth decades before he would ever encounter Stan and his family. Patrick Stewart has a large role in this episode.

The next episode entitled “The Professor and the Coach” has Haley taking a creative writing class taught Roger at the local community college while Stan gets carried away with trying to find a prospective recruit for the college football team.

Arguably among the cutest of the five episodes I screened in advance of the premiere is entitled “Vice Principal” with Steve becoming embroiled in conundrum with Principal Lewis while the rest of the family have the times of their lives showing an escaped baby giraffe a night on the town.

In “The Pleasenting at Smith House” Klaus and Jeff must contend with a wrathful wraith  while the fifth episode “Stretched Thin” has the entire family gets into the stretchy leggings business much to Jeff’s chagrin because the family doesn’t trust his decision making skills even though the leggings idea was his.

All five episodes have their moments and I am sure fans of the long running comedy series will appreciate all of them. American Dad premieres Monday, March 27th, 2023 at 10pm (ET/PT) on TBS.

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