Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Leslie Lehr’s Acclaimed Book, A Boob’s Life Is Now Available Just In Time For Mother’s Day


From her prize-winning fiction to her viral New York Times Modern Love essay, exploring the challenges facing contemporary women has been author Leslie Lehr’s life-long passion. In her highly praised newly released book, A Boob's Life: How America's Obsession Shaped Me—and You, her first project since breast cancer treatment, she continues this mission, taking readers on a wildly informative, deeply personal, and utterly relatable journey. No matter your gender or age, you will never view this sexy and sacred body part the same way again. The book has already caught the attention of the literary and entertainment industries alike, with Publisher’s Weekly saying that the book is a “witty and incisive look at American attitudes toward women’s breasts,” and Kirkus Reviews stating, “Thoughtful and honest. Our verdict: GET IT." It was also recently announced that Salma Hayek will be turning the book into a TV series for HBO Max!! This is a perfect Women's Empowerment and Uplifting gift for Mother's Day (May 9th)!! 

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Author Leslie Lehr wants to talk about boobs. She’s gone from size AA to DDD and everything between, from puberty to motherhood, enhancement to cancer, and beyond. And she’s not alone—these are classic life stages for women today. A Boob’s Life explores the surprising truth about women’s most popular body part with vulnerable, witty frankness and true nuggets of American culture that will resonate with everyone who has breasts—or loves them. At turns funny and heartbreaking, A Boob’s Life explores both the joys and hazards inherent to living in a woman’s body. Lehr deftly blends her personal narrative with national history, starting in the 1960s with the women’s liberation movement and moving to the current feminist dialogue and what it means to be a woman. Her insightful and clever writing analyzes how America’s obsession with the female form has affected her own life’s journey and the psyche of all women today. Lehr explores the duality of today’s women to navigate a new path between sexy and sacred.
Lehr is a prize-winning novelist and non-fiction writer whose books include What A Mother Knows, a Target Recommended Read, Wife Goes On, and 66 Laps, winner of the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Prize. Her nonfiction books include Welcome to Club Mom, Club Grandma, excerpted on FisherPrice.com, and Wendy Bellissimo: Nesting, featured on Oprah. Her personal essays have appeared in the New York Times Modern Love column (narrated by Katie Couric on NPR), HuffPost, Yourtango, and in anthologies Mommy Wars, The Honeymoon’s Over, and On Becoming Fearless. She wrote the original screenplay for the romantic thriller, HEARTLESS, and the comedy-drama, “Club Divorce”, for Lifetime. Lehr is a member of PEN, the Authors Guild, WGA, Women In Film, and the Women's Leadership Council. She has a BA from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC and an MFA from Antioch. Lehr is a breast cancer survivor, the mother of two daughters, and lives in Southern California