Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Flash: The Complete Second Season On Blu-ray Disc Set Review

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It took a little longer than I anticipated, but I have finally reached the last of the DCEU Blu-ray Disc Sets with the complete second season of The Flash.

This season featured a lot of action and exciting crossover events. Both The Flash 
And Arrow episodes that set up DC's Legends Of Tomorrow are included within this BD set just as they are included with the fourth season of Arrow BD set, which is great because if you have a preference for one show over another then you don't have to buy both sets to get both episodes. The featurettes related to that crossover event are also included within the set, but the crossover with Supergirl episode remains exclusive to the first season of Supergirl set.

Lots of characters that appear in this season, not including the appearances on the crossover episodes, feature Atom Smasher, Zoom, Captain Cold, Firestorm,
Dr. Light, Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard, Reverse Flash, Killer Frost, Deathstorm, King Shark, Rupture, Girder and Black Siren.

There are extra value features on all four discs that contain all 23 season two episodes. These include deleted scenes, rogues gallery featurettes focusing on Lewis Snart and his legacy, Firestorm, Dr. Light, effects featurettes on Gorilla Grodd, King Shark, Zoom, and more episode and series specific featuettes as well as the Comic-Con panel from 2015. There is also an interview with Director Kevin Smith, a gag reel, a look ahead at how events from the season finale will impact the third season and much more.

An insert with second season episode information and disc contents is included within the Blue BD Case along with a limited time only redeemable code for an Ultraviolet Digital Copy of Season Two as well as an insert with a limited time only code to get the first three episodes of Season Three with no commercials on Amazon or VUDU.

Like the other Warner Bros. Home Entertainment DCEU BD sets released this year all twenty three second season episodes are presented in spot on 16 by 9 1080p full HD with English DTS-HD MA  5.1 Sound as well as Spanish Language 2.0 Dubbed Sound and English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired and French and Spanish Language Subtitles encoded as options. The BD case comes housed in an attractive cardboard slipcase.

The Flash: The Complete Second Season On Blu-ray Disc Set is available now at retailers on and offline courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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