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Streaming September 13

Neal Thibedeau’s Documentary Bears Witness to the Perils Feature Film Directing
with Jonathan Baker (INCONCEIVABLE starring Nic Cage)

Featuring Interviews with Directors 
John Badham, Jodie Foster, Taylor Hackford, and Adrian Lyne
and Cameos from Nicholas Cage, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway 

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"A surprisingly interesting journey into the life of Jonathan Baker, a film director who had the face the dark side of production studios when making his feature film debut."

"Becoming Iconic tells you how to be a leader on set and manage everyone around you from crew to studio without killing yourself of sheer exhaustion. You're going to pay a few bucks to see this film."
Alan NgFilm Threat

Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker, a Fandor Exclusive, explores the perilous journey of first-time filmmaker Jonathan Baker as he navigates the industry with help from some legendary industry veterans. The documentary examines the process of filmmaking from the ground up through the eyes of top directors as they tell their stories and share their wisdom. The film features Jodie Foster (The Silence of the Lambs)Adrian Lyne (Jacob’s Ladder), John Badham (War Games) and Taylor Hackford (An Officer And A Gentleman). Directed Neal Thibedeau (Intersection), Becoming Iconictakes viewers into the intense and often unpredictable work on first-time filmmaking. The film was produced by Daniel Herther, with Janek Ambros and Mark Kaplan acting as co-producers.

Jonathan Baker has always been enthralled by smart storytelling and larger-than-life figures, taking inspiration from greats like Ernest Hemingway to guide his own sensibilities as a writer, producer, director and adventurer. Studying film in his native New York City and at USCs, Baker began his entertainment career as a writer, director and producer of projects. More recently he founded Baker Entertainment Group, a multimedia development and production company based in Hollywood.

Baker is also a successful entrepreneur who grew a start-up venture, SkinSpa, into the leading full-service day spa in the U.S. before selling that brand in 2011. While focusing on Baker Entertainment Group and his evolving work as a film director, he remains active in the personal care field and has currently developed a new signature brand, Jonathan Baker EST 1962, which introduces its first line of many pure aromatherapy products. 

And for something completely different, Baker bought Warren Beatty’s house and has meticulously renovated it. It was in conversations with Beatty that Baker first began his career as a feature director.

On Digital & Streaming Exclusively on Fandor September 13
77m | United States | Not Rated 



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