Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Followers By Radhia Gleis Book Review

Title: The Followers

Author: Radha Gleis

Publisher: Sage Card Publishing

Genre: Non Fiction - Cults/Mind Control Religion/Politics

Pages: 426 Pages

Edition: First Edition - Paperback

ISBN#: 978-1-7371258-0-9

Reviewer: Mark A. Rivera

The late Science Fiction Author Frank Herbert was inspired to write Dune because he wanted to warn people about the dangers of unquestionably following charismatic leaders. He joking said his favorite President was Richard Nixon because he taught Americans to distrust their government and he did so by example. The reference to Herbert is actually relevant to Radha Gleis’ Pencraft Award Winning Book for Literary Excellence entitled The Followers. Ms. Gleis’ book an account of her time in a cult and how she got out of it as well as a examination of how cults parallel the cultural mania of contemporary America. I think the book is an excellent resource as both a reference and a textbook of sorts. I certainly believe it should be read by anyone and everyone because we live in a world where critical thinking skills are not encouraged and more often than not we are all blind followers from one time or another based on the innate need to belong to something larger than ourselves and to feel special. We look outward when we should look inward, which is not always easy because who doesn’t have a memory or feeling that we may feel guilt or shame for and yet if the only salvation comes from within then how could we expect to find answers in others if we can’t find them within ourselves?

With a sense of humor Ms. Gleis chronicles her personal experiences and compares them to the various group think mentality that has our country divided and ultimately as long as we are satiated with bread and circuses and gossip that has nothing to do with most people’s personal lives then we will forever be in our own way. It is like watching a soap opera or “reality program” and forgetting life is not a dress rehearsal. So many people cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality because at one point or another, we walk around like we are the stars of our own sitcom, drama or internet series and that is why I purposely limit what I watch on my free time because to quote The Empire Strikes Back, “Do or do not. There is no try.” If you can’t help yourself or refuse to then how can you expect others. 

When reading The Followers do not get caught up in the left and right paradigm that may make some stop reading because it is too this or that. Instead follow your heart and intuition because a full glass cannot hold any new water. The Followers by Radhia Gleis is available now at book sellers on and offline in both soft or hardcover editions as well as on audible and kindle digitally courtesy of Sage Card Publishing.

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