Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Learn How to Overcome Introverted Tendencies and Thrive in the Workplace


Learn How to Overcome Introverted Tendencies and Thrive in the Workplace

Courtenay, British Columbia/New York, NY, Feb. 8, 2022 — To thrive in any industry where success hinges heavily on the ability to build relationships, business professionals must know how to navigate large networking events, start conversations, cultivate connections and grow their reach — all of which can sound overwhelming, if not impossible, for those who are shy or introverted. 

Despite struggling with crippling shyness for most of her life, Monica Parkin is a successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker who has a wide circle of friends and business associates. How did a self-described socially awkward introvert become such a people person? 

“Well, the answer is that you can evolve,” Parkin says. “I was making myself crazy with all the social cues I did not understand and wondered why this comes so naturally to some people but was so impossibly hard for me. Today, I love the opportunity to go to events, meet people, hear people's stories and build relationships. I can have the best of both worlds now, and so can you.” 

To help others overcome anxiety in both their professional and personal lives, Parkin shares her refreshingly relatable, actionable approach in her ground-breaking new book, Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales. 

Part memoir, part instruction guide, Overcoming Awkward reveals Parkin’s private struggles, shared with candid honesty and vulnerability. Her “one step at a time” approach, punctuated with personal anecdotes and humor, is easy to follow and implement. 

In Overcoming Awkward, readers will learn:
- How to overcome social fears; 
- How to build relationships effortlessly; 
- Effective social media marketing;
- How to sow seeds for organic growth;
- How to win over angry clients;
- How to expand their comfort zone;
- The value of expert mentorship;
- And so much more.

“This is the definitive guide you've been waiting for,” Parkin adds. “Gone is the advice to introverts that they must learn to take on a persona that is light years away from who they really are. You will finally be free to just be you and will discover that your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Monica Parkin is a licensed mortgage broker and successful serial entrepreneur. She is an award-winning international speaker and the host of the Juggling without Balls podcast. She is also a self-professed introvert and crazy goat lady who lives on a small farm with an assortment of furry creatures. She loves to hear feedback from readers and looks forward to opportunities to speak on topics that empower others to feel more connected, confident and successful. 

For more information, please visit https://www.monicaparkin.ca/

Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert's Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales 
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8773835998 
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