Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why did I decide to repost that article?

I have respect for Mr. Aronofsky's work and having recently gone through some weeks of discussion with regard to the nature of the ending for the Showtime presentation of David Lynch's Twin Peaks: The Return, which I still feel was a major rug pulled from beneath the feet of the fans, I respect and love David Lynch's work enough to still consider as a whole his collaboration with Mark Frost to be his masterwork and he does not owe anyone any explanations at all.

Stanley Kubrick was a filmmaker who also felt that it was better for the audience to interpret his work and I think pretty much most artists do not owe the audience anything as far as explaining what has happened so long as they don't take something as basic as a Disney classic intended for kids and make something so utterly discordant with everything that has come before that the intended audience is left truly besmirched.

I think people who go to see a film by  Aronofsky know that it is not going to be a standard narrative film and the trailer left me wanting to see the film. I don't think Mr. Aronofsky needs to feel like he owed an explanation so complete that he basically gave such a vivid map that it took that air of mystery away from it.  I feel this way because I think people's reactions were very close to what he  stated so maybe it is not something everyone will like, it wasn't as though his films have been universally beloved. 

In the end I think Mr. Aronofsky is a contemplative and thoughtful filmmaker, who cares about his audience beyond just making a buck. The fact that he detailed a roadmap to the film, which was only recently released shows he cares, but while I respect his decision regardless, he did not owe anyone anything and I hope that those who see the film now and read the article I reposted and so on understand that what he did was not easy and he could have just let it ride without ever detailing what the meaning behind the film is. Now we know, but at the price of the wonder I think he intended. Thank you.

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