Monday, September 4, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return: Raw Thoughts.

Please stop reading now if you want to avoid spoilers and risk having your opinion influenced by reading my own. Everyone should watch this without expectation and without hearing, seeing or reading another's opinion before you have had the chance to watch and digest this yourself. Thank you and while I am here, thank you David Lynch too.
There are a lot of ways you can interpret the end of Twin Peaks. This is mine though I think my view will change over time because there are many theories that seem plausible and that is how I think Lynch intended it.

I have to state that I have read or heard three different explanations, I think they are all equally plausible and I think this is how Lynch wanted it to be and Frost wants everyone to buy his next book so yes, they have a franchise they want to monetize and I don't blame them. However I am not sure if this is the end or the beginning because like Lost Highway, I feel like Cooper is doomed to return to the black lodge, which is sad because it kind of makes the journey pointless. There is a lot to digest and address here and I wish we could all meet up in a chat room and type about it. I am grateful for the series that made my summer happier than I expected. I am glad Lynch and Frost got to tell it their way and while I wish it ended with Cooper and Laura ascending to the White Lodge, like presumably Major Briggs did based on what we were told. However we will never get the answers to the questions left opened and in many ways, Cooper's attempt to save Laura, made things worse. What was he thinking? I think the sex scene seemed ritualistic and Diane no longer recognized Cooper anymore because he is not the same Coop he was and neither is she the same Diane. They should have had a black light with them in the motel room. But seriously, the changes that occurred in the Hotel exterior are important because others noticed changes in the Double R weeks ago. I think the timeline is constantly changing and this time everything we know about the show has changed yet again. Cooper misunderstood the Giant. He will always be in the Black Lodge. Just like Laura and the mystery of Twin Peaks can never be solved because as the Log Lady said to Hawk, death is not the end. It is a change. It is scary, but the journey continues. It may not be the life you want, but the past does not equal the future. What you do now changes or shapes your future. There is nothing else to it than that. The tragedy of Dale Cooper is he never learns despite his good intentions and we all know where the destination of roads paved with them leads and when the lights went out, all was revealed. Cooper is still sitting in the chair and hearing, but not listening. He was always and will always be there. A lost soul desperate for truth, but searching in the wrong places. It is relative. He needs to look within before he can see what is outside. There is no ending. Thus in many ways, Cooper made things worse in the end and his misunderstanding and naïveté as well as his arrogance are the reasons why we don't need another season. I don't want one if all I am going to get is a predictive program that seems pointless if the destination brings one back to where we started again. So while I would watch it, my biggest takeaway is it would still be the same salad just with a different dressing. Pointless.
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