Friday, September 8, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return (Music From The Limited Event Series) Audio CD Review

Outstanding album comprised of a mix of songs performed by various musical artists at the Roadhouse Club, which was where the episodes frequently concluded during the 18-part Limited Event Series run on Showtime. Highlights include songs by Eddie Vedder, The Chromatics, James Marshall singing his song Just You And I from the original series as well as Julie Cruise performing The World Turns. Nine Inch Nails' She's Gone Away is a standout and there are some beautiful classics like I Love How You Love Me as well as a song by Otis Redding. An edited version of the classic Twin Peaks opening theme is also included, but if you want more of the original score, you will have to buy the companion score soundtrack as well, 

David Lynch had great taste in music and this mix of various performers and tunes from the Showtime Limited Event Series that was arguably one of the most anticipated programs of the summer along with Game of Thrones and the return of Rick and Morty is outstanding. If you loved the series and you want a selection of music from it, this should be enough for most. For those who want more, the score is also available now, but sold separately and the two should make a fantastic set. Can't wait for the Blu-ray Discs. Highly recommended and you get a free digital copy of the album on Amazon music if you purchase the audio CD from In short, it is a win, win deal. Twin Peaks: The Return (Music From The Limited Event Series) Audio CD is available now at, which offers the free digital copy of the album if you purchase the CD from and the audio CD is also available now at other retailers on and offline too. Thank you David Lynch.

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