Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD set Review

Nominated for a 2014 People's Choice Award for favorite Cable TV Drama for three years in a row, Warner Home Video has released Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD. The 5-disc set contains all 24 episodes from season 4, plus three new featurettes. The crux of the season focuses upon a mysterious red coat discovered by the girls who then wonder what significance this coat will play in the drama of their lives.

The extra featurettes focus upon the wearer of the read cult and who it turns out to belong too. Please note I am being deliberately vague here to prevent spoilers. The other featurettes entitled, The Lair and Pretty Little Scenes wrap up the added content. Collectively the featurettes have a running time of approximately 40 minutes. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and French, Spanish, Chinese and Thai Languages are encoded as options. The series itself is presented in a clear 16 by 9 aspect ratio   

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season is available now at retailers on and offline courtesy of Warner Home Video. The fifth season is airing now on ABC Family. Please check your local listings for channel number, date and time. Thank you.

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