Saturday, October 22, 2022

My thoughts on Black Adam with Duane “The Rock” Johnson.


I took my brother for his birthday to see Black Adam and for what it was, we enjoyed it. It had a lot of action. The effects were good. Duane “The Rock” Johnson delivered on his promise to change the hierarchy of power in the DCEU and part of that was getting a certain person to return in a cameo during the mid credits stinger that made the entire theater cheer. I have had a bit of Marvel fatigue with so much content that I stopped watching the TV shows last year. I am also a guy who likes to root for the underdog and I want the DCEU to prosper and I think it could be it’s own thing and coexist with Marvel in cinema the same way it exists in print. There are some silly things to be sure, like how did Black Adam learn to speak English so fast after being in suspended animation for 5000 years? Yet there is no denying Duane “The Rock” Johnson has charisma and all things considered, Black Adam was fun.

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