Monday, September 12, 2022

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE arrive on September 27, 2022

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE arrive on September 27, 2022 as a double feature in the collectible Paramount Presents line!


Enjoy two of the most iconic science fiction epics in one limited-edition package: THE WAR OF THE WORLDS makes its 4K Ultra HD debut and is accompanied by WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE for the first time on Blu-ray.


The 1953 adaptation of H.G. Wells’ acclaimed novel, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS was nominated for three Academy Awards® and won for Best Special Effects.  Experience the genre-defining Technicolor classic fully remastered in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD for the first time.  The disc also includes access to a digital copy of the film, the infamous 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds narrated by Orson Welles, and more.  Bonus content is detailed below:

  • Commentary by actors Ann Robinson and Gene Barry                                                
  • Commentary by film director Joe Dante, film historian Bob Burns, and Bill Warren, author of Keep Watching The Skies!
  • The Sky Is Falling: Making The War of the Worlds                                                         
  • H.G. Wells: The Father of Science Fiction                                                                      
  • The Mercury Theatre On The Air presents The War of the Worlds radio broadcast
  • Original Theatrical Trailer   


1951’s WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE was nominated for two Academy Awards and won for Best Special Effects.  Both this film and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS were produced by George Pal, a Hungarian-American animator, director, and producer who was a leading figure in sci-fi filmmaking.  Experience this thrilling classic remastered from the original film elements and on Blu-ray for the first time ever.  The disc includes access to a digital copy of the film, as well as the theatrical trailer.