Friday, December 1, 2017

DC All Access: Danny Elfman talks Justice League and more

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Danny Elfman Talks Batman & Superman Themes
C's iconic heroes have a legacy in film...but they do in music as well. With Justice League, forty years of classic superhero themes unite into one new sure-to-be-iconic Danny Elfman score. Elfman tells DC All Access how he worked familiar themes for Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman into the music he composed for Justice League and what approach he took to new characters such as Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

Top 10 Essential DC Gifts 2017
Got a DC fan in your life? Then we're about to make your Black Friday a whole lot easier with our list of the Top 10 Essential DC Gifts of 2017. From must-have graphic novels to just-released action figures to detailed replicas from movies like Wonder Woman, it's enough to turn you into a hero...of holiday shopping!

DOOMSDAY CLOCK: Geoff Johns Talks Epic Event
The clock has struck and while the end may be here, it's also the beginning. Doomsday Clock is a 12-issue comic book event that will combine the worlds of Watchmen and DC for the first time ever, in a timely story that will change the face of the DC Universe as we know it. Writer Geoff Johns drops by DC All Access to discuss the book, including his reasons for writing it, why it was important to include characters like Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan and why Gary Frank was the only artist who can draw it.