Friday, November 17, 2017

Cinemaquette Presents: Gatekeeper Crab Pre-Order

Cinemaquette Presents: ORIGIN

"Origin" represents the combination of imaginary and authentic animals from nature.
This style of art from David Zhou presents a virtual animal world, following the concept of "The Origin of Species." By continuing to add more animals from exotic lands, skies and oceans, we will explore a rich world with their lifestyle and environmental roles.
David Zhou is a traditional animal sculptor and designer of imaginary animals who lives in Shanghai with his family.

Origin: Caving Volume II
Species: Gatekeeper Crab

The Gatekeeper crab lives in the rocks and caves that are naturally formed at a 30- to 200-meter-deep seawater environment. Its body is composed of head, chest, abdomen and tail, and its color base is lavender. The backside rear edge and claws have yellow stripes, and the head is long and narrow and has an inverted triangle shape. Their chest is thick and well-developed. The abdomen has a caudal spine, where there are three to four pairs of barbs that can help Gatekeeper Crab go deep into the cave.
They have four pairs of claws, among which one pair is huge and can firmly block off the entrance of a cave, earning its name as a Gatekeeper. Their bright colors can also play a warning role. The second and third pairs of claws are very sturdy and are equipped with bent fingertips and hooks, so that they can firmly fix to the cave, and cannot be sucked out by large predators. The last pair of claws is evolved as small chelate. There are two small holes on his head shield, via which the crabs can eject the mucus to capture the small fish and shrimp that swim across them. 
Gatekeeper crabs have to exuviate for more than twenty times from baby crabs to adulthood. Baby crabs are very fragile, with a very low survival rate.

Peripatetic Walnut Crab

The carapace of the Peripatetic Walnut Crab looks like a round nutlet, with the protrusion evenly distributed.
They are the nomads of the sea, mainly feeding on the algae and plankton in the shallow sea. Though its paraeiopod is not strong enough for long-distance travel, when necessary small airbags can be formed inside its body to make it float along the ocean currents.

  • Approximately 9.8 inches in height.
  • Approximately 9.1 inches in width.
  • Approximately 7.1 inches in depth.
  • Exquisitely detailed paint.
  • Caving Themed Ceramics Ring
  • Limited in production to 199 units worldwide.

Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under the base.
COPYRIGHT (©) 2017 Origin.

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Estimated shipping: 2018 Q2

Retail Price: $799.00

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