Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DC ALL ACCESS - Season 5 Is Here!

DCAA IS BACK! Yes, after a long, heartbreaking hiatus, DC's full slate of super hero shows returns this week with new episodes of The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Gotham, Lucifer and Supergirl

Speaking of the last one, did you know that the latest episode of Supergirl was directed by Kevin Smith...and that he dropped by to discuss it with DCAA? Get the goods on what to expect from the man himself, then stick with us as we look ahead to the return of Kid Flash and Rip Hunter, and leave you with another question of the week. Don't miss it!

In addition to the Supergirl episode with Kevin Smith, I wanted to highlight a DCAA interview with Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim as he discusses what’s ahead for Ollie and the crew of the Waverider. Will the Legion of Doom really get their hands on the Spear of Destiny? Plus, DCAA looks at some of this week’s can’t-miss new comics and give you a chance to win a cool collection of Rebirth trade paperbacks!