Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Are Still Here Theatrical/VOD Film Review

Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig star as parents who move into an old New England house in a seemingly quaint little town following the untimely death of their college age son. Following some eerie happenings and accidents around the home, the parents call upon two New Age friends of theirs whose son attended the same college as their's. Together they discover that not only is there a secret being kept in the town, but their home may be built upon a gateway to a malevolence far more terrifying than whatever else may exist there.
We Are Still Here is an above average spooky story that delivers on creating a true sense of gloom and doom while delivering well cast performances from talent that also includes Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden, and Monte Markham. There are some legitimate chills and great atmosphere created in part from the film's score and songs chosen for the soundtrack. The makeup and gore effects appear spot on. The film at times may ask the viewer to suspend their disbelief a bit more than they may be inclined it only because the story uses classic elements that have become self referential by default because horror filmmakers in the past have been deconstructing themselves for the last twenty years. This is not a film that deconstructs the genre, but horror film fans may find certain elements to be predictable though for the most part the film is very fresh and entertaining and it moves at a good pace too. The story, while short, also has enough mystery to it that first time Director Ted Geoghegan knows what should be left over to one's imagination while keeping  the viewer focused and entertained throughout.
We Are Still Here will premiere theatrically and on VOD on June 5, 2015 courtesy of Dark Sky Films.

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