Sunday, December 11, 2022

Photos from the Armageddon Time New York Special Screening Hosted by SEAN PENN Actors Jeremy Strong & Tovah Feldshuh in attendance Conversation with Jeremy Strong moderated by Tom McCarthy


Quotes from the Q&A:

 “A stunning movie - well captured, deeply felt.. in some ways incredibly simple but deeply profound and moving… flawlessly pulled off”

- Tom McCarthy

 “James was very permissive, and gave us a lot of latitude and ownership over something that’s so personal to him.”

- Jeremy Strong

 “The first thing [James] said to us was whatever you do, don’t nail it. Surprise me, disappoint me, make mistakes, but don’t nail it, just search.”

- Jeremy Strong

“Anne’s performance was really wonderful, it totally felt like a different person in a really honest way.”

 - Tom McCarthy

 “I think in a lot of ways the movie is about integrity, the impossibility and the difficulty of living with integrity”

- Jeremy Strong

The New York Special Screening & Reception took place at

the Roxy Cinema on December 10th SYNOPSIS

From acclaimed filmmaker James Gray, ARMAGEDDON TIME is a deeply personal story on the strength of family, the complexity of friendship and the generational pursuit of the American Dream. The film features an all-star cast including Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong.


Release Date: October 28, 2022 (limited); November 11, 2022 (wide)

Running Time: 114 minutes

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Anthony Hopkins, Banks Repeta, Jaylin Webb, Tovah Feldshuh

Written and Directed by: James Gray

Produced by: James Gray, Marc Butan, Anthony Katagas, Rodrigo Teixeira, Alan Terpin

Executive Producers: Francesco Civita, Gustavo Debs, Beto Gauss, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Alex Hughes, Marco Tulio Kehdi, Riccardo Maddalosso, Lourenço Sant'Anna, Doug Torres                       


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