Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Overlord Theatrical Release Film Review

I think it was originally going to be the fourth Cloverfield anthology movie, but after the straight to Netflix film was released, they removed any references to Cloverfield, which is a good thing because this movie did not need it.

Basically it is sort of like From Dusk Till Dawn in that the first half is a crime thriller and the second half was a vampire schlock flick. Only here Overlord never goes over the top and plays it straight throughout.

The effects are top of the line as the first half is a WW2 D-Day invasion film in that paratroopers land in France with a mission to take out a German radio tower in a church so the allies can land on the beach.

After about 45 minutes to an hour it turns into a horror film where the Nazis had found a mysterious substance deep beneath the church and have been using it to create super soldiers that don't die easily and can reanimate. The film has a definitive ending that explains why this story is not in the history books and that is that. Solid flick worth seeing.

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