Friday, June 30, 2017

DC All Access - Bruce Timm, Injustice 2, CW's Black Lightning, Suicide Squad #20

BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN: Bruce Timm Talks New Film
With partners like these, who needs enemies!? In this DC All Access animation clip, we talk to Executive Producer Bruce Timm about Batman and Harley Quinn, the eagerly anticipated DC animated movie that finds the Dark Knight teaming up with the precocious Ms. Quinn to stop the deadly duo of Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man. What are ya waitin' for, puddin'? You know you want to watch!

INJUSTICE 2: Inside the Championship Series & More
Think you have what it takes to take on the best? In this DC All Access news roundup, special gaming correspondent Rahul Kohli talks to Netherrealm Creative Director Ed Boon and Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown about the Injustice 2 Championship Series. Plus, we give you a sneak peek at a collectible available exclusively in the first World's Finest subscription box, take a look at some of today's must-read comics, and give you Vertigo fans a chance to win the first two Preacher Absolute Editions.

SUICIDE SQUAD: Battle to Lead the Squad
Well, it's called Suicide Squad for a reason. After Rick Flag's heroic sacrifice in the last issue, Amanda Waller is looking for a new squad leader in this week's Suicide Squad #20, and writer Rob Williams drops by DC All Access to tell us who it is! Actually, he doesn't. But he does elaborate on why it's such a difficult choice for Waller, what Flag's death means for Harley, and how future issues will intersect with Dark Nights: Metal.

BLACK LIGHTNING: Cast Talks Season One
#DCTV viewers this fall should be on the lookout for lightning—Black Lightning, that is! In this new DC All Access clip, we talk to the cast of The CW’s Black Lightning about what we can expect when our newest #DCTV show makes its debut next season and how Jefferson Pierce is a super hero for our time.