Monday, September 19, 2016

Terrence Malick & Hanan Townshend: Unexpected Duo Birth Enigmatic New Works!


Young composer answers mysterious add and becomes the "go-to" composer for famed Director Terrence Malick  

As a student Townshend answered an add looking for a composer to work with a "celebrated" director. Once they met their friendship was instant and their first collaboration resulted  in the lauded Tree of Lifefollowed by To The WonderLast march he premiered Knight of Cups in Los Angeles; this month the rising composer unveils his two latest projects with Malick, the long awaited metaphysical journey into nature, Voyage of Time: Life's Journey, and the dramatic The Vessel. Wether you love them or hate them there's no doubt that 
Malick entrusted Townshend with the task of creating the score for his long awaited passion project: Voyage of Time: Life's Journey. The film, which took 20 years in the making, was a major feat for Townshend, but his connection to Terrence led him steadily to the realization of a sphinx-like soundtrack that does not disappoint.  

In Malick’s documentary debut Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey, the filmmaker has realized a vision and a goal going back many years—an exploration of the universe and all creation, from the sun, to the stars, to the depths of the ocean, and the far-out reaches of space. Cate Blanchett narrates the feature.

Young Townshend, who warmly refers to the prolific director as "Terry," also debuted Malick's dramatic feature starring Martin Sheen, The Vessel this weekend. 

The Vessel is written and directed by Julio Quintana and stars Martin Sheen as a Catholic priest in a small Latin American town where a tidal wave destroys a local school packed with children. 

A soundtrack album  for the film was released September 9th and features original music by Townshend (To the Wonder, Knight of Cups, The Better Angels). Also included is the song Despertia performed by Gabriel Ruiz Galindo & Gabriel Luna De La Fuente (feat. Mayte Martín). The soundtrack is now available on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples.

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