Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the entire year. Simply, it is about being grateful for what you have and who you have to share it with. The food doesn't hurt either. ;)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Submarine Deluxe & History Films Presents INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO IN 3D

The inspiring world of Leonardo da Vinci is brought to life by acclaimed BAFTA award-winning actor Peter Capaldi (DOCTOR WHO, IN THE LOOP) in a unique dramatized documentary directed by Julian Jones and produced by History Films.

INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO is based on the artist's private journals dating from the Italian Renaissance. With more than 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings, da Vinci's private journals are the most comprehensive documents that chronicle the work of the world's most renowned inventor, philosopher, painter, and genius. Never before has access been granted to capture these works in 3D HD format.  Using this precious collection of writings and drawings to recount da Vinci's story in his own words, the film re-creates the mindscape and ideas of mankind's greatest polymath.   In a powerful haunting performance, actor Peter Capaldi portrays Leonardo, dramatically narrating passages and monologues from his journals. Capaldi captures the passion of Leonardo's genius, his understand of the workings of the natural world, his insights on art and life and his inner fears and torments. From the epic to the ordinary, INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO explores how Leonardo experienced the world around him.  In turn, the film changes the way we see the world today.  Following a biographical narrative, the feature captures the artist's birth as a bastard peasant, his thwarted ambitions, hurt, anger, and sexual desire as documented within his diaries, but also the mundane evernts everyday life: his shopping lists, health tips, and bawdy jokes.

Submarine Deluxe will release the film in New York on December 5thwith a nationwide theatrical rollout to follow.

Feast with the Titans in a Special Thanksgiving Episode of Teen Titans Go!

t should come as no surprise that the Teen Titans love a holiday heavily involving food, and Robin takes Thanksgiving VERY seriously. He has planned the menu and table setting down to the tiniest detail, all in anticipation for a special guest he’s anxious to impress. But when Raven’s father, Trigon, crashes the festive dinner, Robin’s seating chart isn’t the only thing that gets ruined. See if Robin can salvage his feast in the all-new episode “Thanksgiving,” premiering at a special time, Wednesday, November 26, at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.


In addition, the Titans have a lot to be thankful for as the action-comedy series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation, continues to be a strong performer on Cartoon Network.  


"Welcome to America – number 37 in the World Health Organization’s country rankings! I am a voice for more than half a million patients that REMOTE AREA MEDICAL®, (RAM®), has treated free of charge in 723 mobile medical clinics during the last 28 years. I know what it is like to be poor and without help. I am one voice of the millions of people who are not a part of our healthcare system. They have been left behind and forgotten. I speak for them today."- Stan Brock

Remote Area Medical is a non-profit, volunteer medical relief corps that provides free health care services and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States, and around the world.  I wanted to see if you'd be interested in speaking with the organization's founder, Stan Brock.
Born in Lancashire, England, Stan is best known for his years as the co-host for NBC's "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" from 1963-1971.  Starting in 1985 RAM has mobilized over 80,000 volunteers and healthcare professionals to deliver over $75 million worth of free quality medical procedures and services.  Stan had addressed The United States Congress on the needs of providing free quality healthcare to those who cannot afford it nor have direct access.  Stanhas received numerous accolades for his work, including the prestigious Inamori Ethics Prize for Humanitarian Leaders in 2010 and CNN's Hero Award in 2012
This is really a film about people, not policy. 
Focusing on a single three-day clinic held in the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, REMOTE AREA MEDICAL affords us an insider's perspective on the ebb and flow of the event - from the tense 3:30 a.m. ticket distribution that determines who gets seen to the routine check-ups that take dramatic turns for the worse, to the risky means to which some patients resort for pain relief.  We meet a doctor who also drives an 18-wheeler, a denture maker who moonlights as a jeweler, and the organization's founder, Stan, who first imagined Remote Area Medical while living as a cowboy in the Amazon rainforest, hundreds of miles from the nearest doctor.







NEW YORK – November 21, 2014 – The Shat hits the fan next year on Haven! William Shatner (Star Trek) is set to guest star in a four-episode arc on the Syfy fan-favorite series in 2015. Shatner will play a pivotal character that has the potential to forever impact the fate of the town of Haven and its troubled residents.


This year, Haven (airing Fridays at 7PM ET/PT), barrels towards its game-changing mid-season finale with the last two episodes of 2014.


In “Chemistry” (airing November 28), divided loyalties put Haven’s heroes at odds with one another, while a terrifying revelation changes everything. Jay Reso – also known as WWE Superstar Christian Cage – appears in the episode, reuniting with his real-life, lifelong friend and former tag-team partner, Adam Copeland (WWE Superstar Edge Rated R), who plays Dwight. In a recurring guest role, Reso will play McHugh, one of Dwight’s oldest and closest friends.


Then, in the mid-season finale “Chosen” (December 5), a shocking revelation threatens to upend the fragile stability of Haven. Mara’s endgame is finally revealed, while Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) pursue a plan to stop her once and for all. 


There’s more Haven to come as the series returns to Syfy in 2015 with 13 all-new episodes. Shatner, Reso, Laura Mennell (Alphas) and Kris Lemche (Joan of Arcadia) are among the guest stars to be featured when the series returns next year.


Havenbased on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets, which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past. 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Based On The Story By Best-Selling Author Stephen King Big Driver arrives on DVD (plus Digital) January 27 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

From best-selling author Stephen King comes Big Driver, arriving on DVD (plus Digital) January 27th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring Golden Globe® nominee Maria Bello (A History of Violence), Academy Award® winner Olympia Dukakis (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Moonstruck, 1987) and Grammy® nominated rocker Joan Jett, Big Driver is a dark story of a young novelist hell-bent on revenge after falling victim to a brutal crime. With a teleplay by Richard Christian Matheson and directed by Mikael Salomon, Big Driver will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.


Tess Thorne, a famous writer, faces a long drive home following a book signing. While driving on a lonely New England road, her tire blows out, leaving her stranded. Relieved when another driver stops and offers assistance, Tess quickly discovers her savior is actually a serial killer who repeatedly assaults her. She is determined to find her rapist and seek revenge, as payback is the only thing holding her together.


 Maria Bello - A History of Violence, Abduction, TV's "Prime Suspect," The Cooler

Ann Dowd - Showtime's "Masters of Sex," HBO's "The Leftovers," Compliance

Will Harris - In TimeSky High

Joan Jett - The Sweet LifeEndless BummerLock and Roll Forever

Olympia Dukakis - TV's "Sex & Violence," Steel MagnoliasMoonstruckAway from Her 

Year of Production: 2014
Title Copyright: Big Driver © 2014 Driver Productions Ltd. Cover Art and Design © 2015 A&E Television Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Lifetime and the Lifetime design logo are trademarks of Lifetime Entertainment Services, LLC, a wholly-owned division of A&E Television Networks, LLC. A+E Networks is a trademark of A&E Television Networks, LLC. Distributed by LIONSGATE® under license from A+E Networks Consumer Products™.
Type: TV on DVD
Rating: TV-14
Genre: Drama; Crime
Closed Captioned: NA
Subtitles: English SDH
Feature Run Time: 90 minutes
DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio

Monday, November 17, 2014

THE REMAINING Available Jan. 27 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD


 “Equal parts disaster film and end-of-the-world supernatural thriller …” 

~ Eric Shirey, Moviepilot




Available Jan. 27 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD


Special Features Include a Deleted Scene Making-of Featurette



CULVER CITY, Calif. (Nov. 17, 2014) – A group of close friends gather for a weddingbut their celebration is shattered by apocalyptic events in the supernatural thriller from AFFIRM Films, THE REMAINING,available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Jan. 27 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. This rapture film directed by Casey La Scala (Grind) follows five friends who are forced to scramble for safety as a series of cataclysmic events starts to occur. The survivors are forced to re-examine life, love and belief as they must choose between faith and survival. THE REMAINING stars Alexa Vega (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), Shaun Sipos (“The Vampire Diaries”), Johnny Pacar (“Make It or Break It”), Italia Ricci (“Chasing Life”) and Bryan Dechart (Step Up 3D). 


Bonus Features:

o       Deleted Scene

o   “Divine Revelations: Making The Remaining” Featurette - Director Casey La Scala, as well as the cast and crew discuss the film's unique take on the end-of-times, along with the intense stunt work, the scares and the special effects.



THE REMAINING is an action-packed supernatural thriller that addresses questions of life, love and belief against an apocalyptic backdrop. A group of close friends gather for a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by a series of cataclysmic events and enemies foretold by biblical end-times prophecies. The survivors face a horrifying, uncertain future as they scramble for safety, but as their world collapses around them in chaos and terror will they choose real life through faith, or just try to survive?


The film is directed by Casey La Scala from a screenplay by La Scala and Chris Dowling. Peter Schafer served as the executive producer with Marc Bienstock, Brad Luff and La Scala serving as producers. 


THE REMAINING has a run time of approximately 87 minutes and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of terror, violence and destruction throughout, and thematic elements.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nothing like a little scientific validation.

I said it in my book "Decisions are interpretations initiated before we're aware of making a choice at all." And further defined it here: 

"If we are not pulling the strings then who or what is? The answer is in that unknown part that is unfathomable to introspection and arbitration. Let it be between the bureaucratic cortexes against the emotional limbic system to duke it out. In the end, there can only be one final arbiter!"

Now science validates my point. Excerpted from Epoch Times:

Professor John-Dylan Haynes at the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience determined that 6 seconds before Sautoy’s conscious mind realized the decision, the brain had indicated what the decision would be.

Dr. Michio Kaku also weighs in with an important point to keep in mind:

In the first half of the 20th century, physicist Werner Heisenberg found that not everything in physics is as deterministic as Albert Einstein had adamantly stated. Famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explained in this Big Think video that, according to Einstein’s view, even a mass-murderer’s actions were already determined millions of years ago (But the murderer should still be put in jail, Einstein said).

“Einstein was wrong,” Kaku said. Kaku explained that Heisenberg taught us: “Every time we look at an electron, it moves. There’s uncertainty with regards to the position of the electron.”

Humans are similarly indeterminate, he said. For example, when Kaku looks in the mirror, he doesn’t feel he’s looking at himself here and now. “It’s me a billionth of a second ago, because it takes a billionth of a second for light to go from me to the mirror and back.”

He said, “No one can determine your future events given your past history.”

Click on the link below for the full article and videos. Are you your own final arbiter?


Friday, November 14, 2014


29th October 2014



The Warwick Rowers have stripped off again for the sixth edition of their world-famous naked calendar.  And the calendar got a very stylish send-off last night when the May Fair Hotel in London hosted the calendar’s first ever formallaunch with special guest, actor Ian McKellen.

The boys were deeply honoured that McKellen agreed to host the calendar’s launch.  A keen supporter of Sport Allies, the charity initiative the boys set up in 2013 to challenge homophobia in sport, McKellen commented:

“I was delighted to be asked, and more than happy to help the boys with the amazing work they are doing through Sport Allies.  Though I did ask them to make clear on the invitation that I would remain clothed throughout the event.”

The dedicated student athletes, by contrast, are rarely seen clothed and trained for six months to make sure they were camera-ready for this year’s shoot.  As rower Paddy West said:

“Having the calendar shoot coming up gave us all an extra incentive to get down the gym and get out in the boats, and we spent six months getting in shape.  We really wanted to look our very best for our supporters when the kit came off!”

The boys have also put the calendar itself through a major boot camp for the 2015 edition.  Twice as big as the previous calendars at approximately 16.5 x 12 inches , with enormous pictures, a sheet of four generous tear-out postcards and a full-colour tear-out poster that is approximately 23 x 16.5 inchessize, the calendar is a radical reboot.  Veteran calendar star, Matt Dabell, who is making his third calendar appearance this year with solo shots for July and the full-colour poster, summed up the feelings of his team-mates:

“We were blown away by the response to the calendar last year, and we wanted to show our appreciation for all the support we have received.  Of course, making Sport Allies a reality and a success is the best thank you we can offer, but people don’t buy this calendar just to support a good cause - they want a nice calendar! We had a good look around at the National Calendar Awards last year, and we have done everything we can to give them not just the best calendar we have ever produced, but onethat can hold its head up against any other calendar on the market.”

But it’s not all modelling shoots and awards ceremonies for the hard-working sportsmen.  Members of the rowing club have been working with other students, including representatives of Warwick Pride, the university’s LGBT organisation for students, professionals from EY (Ernst & Young), and leading figures in the voluntary sector to roll Sport Allies out nationally, and to begin the process of creating an independent registered charity.

At the May Fair launch the team gave an update on progressand key findings from research commissioned by Sport Alliesand funded by the boys: 


• Homophobia among young people is often about gender as much as sexuality – if you don’t conform to male or female stereotypes, you may be labelled LGBT
• Team sport is a key arena where this “gender policing” takes place
• Using sexuality as a shorthand for gender sends a clear message that heterosexuality is the “correct” sexuality
• This “hetero-normative” culture in sport makes it difficult for professional athletes to be out, thereby depriving all of us of LGBT sports role models, and reinforcing the existing prejudices.


Working on the calendar project has brought the need for Sport Allies home to Laurie Hulse, one of the calendar’s models, who said: 

“Working closely with the LGBT community we’ve heard first hand of their experiences of bullying and the struggle to come to terms with their sexuality.  As well as funding our outreach work we also hope we can make a statement with these calendars.  We are happy to get naked for everyone to enjoy.  If everyone could be more positive and accepting of other people’s sexuality, the world would be a better place.  And top end sport could offer the role models to LGBT youth that they desperately need and currently lack.”

Ian McKellen is not the only one to recognise the work being done by the boys. The team became an international hit last year following appearances on Good Morning America, The Jonathan Ross Show and E! Entertainment News.  The Good Morning, America appearance prompted more calendar sales in the following 24 hours than during the previous four years of the calendar.  

Long time celebrity supporters including Stephen Fry and Boy George have now been joined by those who came to the last night’s launch, including Linda Robson, Leslie Joseph, Jason Gardiner, Antony Cotton, Jess Wright and Harry Derbidge

Validation for the boys’ efforts came from the calendar industry itself in January 2015 when they were named CharityCalendar of the Year at the UK’s National Calendar Awards, where they also picked up the People’s Choice Awards.  

The calendars (available for around $20 plus shipping at are supported by an online viral video and will be available to purchase alongside a range of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, limited edition prints, wall posters and greeting cards.  The range is on pre-sale and can be purchased on  The Calendars will also be available in Calendar Club in the UK and Kitsonin the US, among other selected retailers.

Coming up  next… The boys’ next big adventure is a promotional tour to the United States, where they will be visiting Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.   As well as promoting the calendar to the media, the rowers will be doing personal appearances, calendar signings and shoots for the 2016 calendar.  The tour begins in late November and runs until mid December.

Los AngelesNov 28 - Dec 5
Consumers may order merch by December 12th to received shipments in time for the holidays direct from this link:


Foxcatcher | Now Playing!

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2

I Want to Win Gold





Starring: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Vanessa Redgrave, Sienna Miller and Anthony Michael Hall

Directed by: Bennett Miller

Written by: E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman


Theatrical Trailer
Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Teaser #3

Theatrical Poster

Teaser Poster #1

Teaser Poster #2



Like the Film on FacebookFollow Sony Pictures Classics on



Based on true events, FOXCATCHER tells the dark and fascinating story of the unlikely and ultimately tragic relationship between an eccentric multi-millionaire and two champion wrestlers. 


When Olympic Gold Medal winning wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) is invited by wealthy heir John du Pont (Steve Carell) to move on to the du Pont estate and help form a team to train for the 1988 Seoul Olympics at his new state-of-the-art training facility, Schultz jumps at the opportunity, hoping to focus on his training and finally step out of the shadow of his revered brother, Dave (Mark Ruffalo). Driven by hidden needs, du Pont sees backing Schultz's bid for Gold and the chance to "coach" a world-class wrestling team as an opportunity to gain the elusive respect of his peers and, more importantly, his disapproving mother (Vanessa Redgrave).


Flattered by the attention and entranced by du Pont's majestic world, Mark comes to see his benefactor as a father figure and grows increasingly dependent on him for approval. Though initially supportive, du Pont's mercurial personality turns and he begins to lure Mark into an unhealthy lifestyle that threatens to undermine his training. Soon du Pont's erratic behavior and cruel psychological game-play begin to erode the athlete's already shaky self-esteem. Meanwhile du Pont becomes fixated on Dave, who exudes the confidence both he and Mark lack, knowing that these are things even his money cannot buy. Fueled by du Pont's increasing paranoia and alienation from the brothers, the trio is propelled towards a tragedy no one could have foreseen.


FOXCATCHER is a rich and moving story of brotherly love, misguided loyalty and the corruption and emotional bankruptcy that can accompany great power and wealth. As with Academy Award® nominee Bennett Miller's previous feature films, CAPOTE and MONEYBALL, he explores large themes in society through his complex character portraits of real people.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Queens, NY (November 13, 2014) - On Saturday December 6th from 10am to 7pm, join the pop culture masses, alongside Trekkies, Star Wars fans and comic and sci fi lovers from across the tri state area for Wintercon 2014, taking place at Resorts World Casino NY, 110-00 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11420(718) 215-2828 

Throughout the day attendees will have the opportunity for portfolio reviews, gaming tournaments, informative panels, movie prop galleries, a car show, an expanded art show, cosplay groups, special performances and a vendor room with over 150 tables of toys, jewelry, clothing, and collectibles. 

Looking for that rare comic book? Trying to find your holy grail collectible? Want the latest movie posters for your collection? Searching for the perfect gift? Winter Con is the perfect place to do it.

There will also be a host of different events to keep you busy at Winter Con, including: a costume contest that starts at 5:00pm where you will see new cosplayers and veterans alike take to the stage to strut their stuff and show off their masterpieces. From still poses to hilarious skits, it’s guaranteed to be loads of fun. This competition is open for all individual and group cosplayers. Or check out the combat corral where you will see armored warriors in action and learn how you can become involved with the most exciting combat sports and live action roleplay games around.

This year’s celebrity guests are listed on the website. Resorts World Casino NY attracts about 20,000 visitors per day and up to 30,000 per day on weekends.

Show Hours: 

Saturday December 6th10:00am - 7:00 pm

For convention updates and announcements please visit 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UPDATE!!! Anchor Bay Entertainment's FEAR CLINIC opens 13th Annual NYC Horror Film Festival!

NYC Horror Film Fest Opening Night Screening on Thursday, November 13th! 

The Big Apple is about to be overtaken by FEAR! After its triumphant world premiere at Los Angeles’ Screamfest, Robert Hall’s latest film FEAR CLINIC will screen as the Opening Night Feature of the 13th Annual New York City Horror Film Festival on Thursday, November 13th at the Tribeca Theaters in Manhattan!


Starring horror icon Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker and featuring the acting debut of Stone Sour and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor, FEAR CLINIC has already struck terror in the hearts of audiences, taking them on an unforgettable journey into the very soul of Terror itself. 


UPDATE: Director Robert Hall and Star Angelina Armani will conduct a Q&A with the audience after the screening!!


Details below:

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

FEAR CLINIC Opening Night Screening at NYC HorrorFest

7:30PM – NYC Premiere Screening (after Short Films presentations starting at 7pm);

9:00PM (approx.) – Director Robert Hall & Star Angelina Armani Q&A After Screening; Moderator TBA



Tribeca Theatres

54 Varick Street (at Laight)

New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001





When trauma-induced phobias begin to re-emerge in five survivors a year after their horrifying tragedy, they return to the “Fear Clinic,” hoping to find the answers they need to get cured. 


Dr. Andover (Robert Englund), a fear doctor who runs the clinic, uses his Fear Chamber to animate their fears in the form of terrifying hallucinations. However, the good doctor soon begins to suspect that something more sinister may be at work, something that yearns to be more than just a hallucination...


FEAR CLINIC will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in early 2015

The Criterion Collection Arrives On Fandor




Read the Hollywood Reporter Feature Here!

Fandor, the leading curated subscription streaming service for true lovers of cinema, announces that Hulu will bring the Criterion Collection to Fandor. The films will roll out progressively, with the first seven launching on November 11th, followed by a new collection of films each week, averaging about 30 films debuting on the service each month.

Each release will have a curated theme, with the first grouping titled “Expeditions,” followed by “Island Life” on November 18th and “Family Troubles” on the 25th and will be available to Fandor members for a limited window of 12 days. The agreement was negotiated between Griffin Gmelich of Hulu and Ted Hope and Jonathan Marlow on behalf of Fandor.

Fandor CEO Ted Hope says, “We are thrilled to be working with Criterion and Hulu to reach a passionate community of the most enthusiastic film lovers in North America. It feels great to give our audience what they really want, the best auteurs and the best movies from the best partners.”

“We're thrilled that Hulu continues to demonstrate its commitment to building the Criterion brand and audience with innovative ideas like this new arrangement with Fandor,” said Criterion Collection CEO Jonathan Turell. “We are confident we'll find new fans in the Fandor audience, who should appreciate the curated bursts of classic cinema Hulu’s Criterion titles will bring to Fandor.”

Keeping with the eclectic and wide-ranging Criterion Collection, “Expeditions” will include Zoltán Korda’s controversial Sanders of the River (1935), featuring a performance by Paul Robeson, Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush (1925) and Hiroshi Teshigahara’s classic Woman in the Dunes (1964).

“Island Life” features Ingmar Bergman’s Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Michelangelo Antonioni’s L'avventura (1960), and Stromboli (1950) from Roberto Rossellini, while “Family Troubles” includes John Cassavetes’ landmark US indie A Woman Under the Influence (1974), The Ceremony(1971) from director Nagisa Oshima and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974).

The releases will be available on Fandor commercial-free, launching every Tuesday for their 12 day run. Certain films will debut with extra content, allowing Fandor members to go deeper into the film.

The complete lineup of the first three releases for November is as follows:

Launch Date: 11/11/14 Series: Expeditions

1. Burden of Dreams (1982) dir. Les Blank

2. The Four Feathers (1939) dir. Zoltán Korda

3. The Gold Rush (1925) dir. Charles Chaplin

4. Letter Never Sent (1959) dir. Mikhail Kalatozov

5. Sanders of the River (1935) dir. Zoltán Korda

6. The Wages of Fear (1953) dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot

7. Woman in the Dunes (1964) dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara

*More Details on the First Series of Films can be Found at

Launch Date: 11/18/14 Series: Island Life

1. L'avventura (1960) dir. Michelangelo Antonioni 

2. Bergman Island (2006) dir. Marie Nyreröd

3. Lord of the Flies (1963) dir. Peter Brook

4. Naked Island (1960) dir. Kaneto Shindô

5. Profound Desire of the Gods (1968) dir. Shohei Imamura 

6. Stromboli (1950) dir. Roberto Rossellini

7. Through a Glass Darkly (1961) dir. Ingmar Bergman

Launch Date: 11/25/14 Series: Family Troubles

1. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder 

2. A Nos Amours (1983) dir. Maurice Pialat

3. The Ceremony (1971) dir. Nagisa Oshima

4. The Demon (1964) dir. Kaneto Shindo

5. Fists in the Pocket (1965) dir. Marco Bellocchio

6. The Housemaid (1960) dir. Kim Ki-young

7. Seduced and Abandoned (1964) dir. Pietro Germi

8. A Woman Under the Influence (1974) dir. John Cassavetes

About Fandor

Fandor’s mission is to create a community of film lovers and makers connected by meaningful and entertaining cinematic experiences. Fandor is the home of thousands of handpicked, award winning films from around the world, of all lengths and genres. By investing in strategic partnerships with festivals (F|FA) and individual filmmakers (FIX), Fandor is generating greater opportunities for filmmakers, while their member- based service reaches audiences through TV set-top, desktop, and mobile devices. For more information, please visit