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Doctor Strange Theatrical Review

Within less than ten years we are now already up to the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Benedict Cumberbatch starring in the lead role in the film named after his character, Doctor Strange. After the wonderful film Antman last year and the best popcorn movie of the summer of 2016, Captain America: Civil War, we now get to enjoy another origin story about another important player in the coming infinity war, Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch is well cast in the lead role, which also features Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, and a subdued Mads Mikkelsen as the villainous Kaecilius. The film introduces the multiverse to the MCU and an infinite number of dimensions and worlds where some are wonderful and others are dark and malevolent. After a car accident leaves Strange with severe nerve damage in his hands and cuts short his career as a brilliant surgeon, he eventually travels to Nepal seeking a cure, but instead finds new purpose training to become the Sorcerer Supreme, protecting the Earth from existential threats. In the film, Doctor Strange must stop Kaecilius from enabling an immortal being of darkness to enter our world. The acting is very good for a supernatural superhero movie, with Mikkelsen bringing some humanity to his villain because the best villains on and off screen operate from a point of view that they are acting for a greater good and often are tragically mislead victims in their own right. That makes them more relatable and creates layers of character development that we may not see completely, but never the less, prevents their characters from being flat.

The action at times reminded me a little bit of the Alec Baldwin starring feature film, The Shadow and more than once even though the film is not a comedy, I almost could imagine Eddie Murphy's character from The Golden Child stumbling within the Nepal sanctuary where Strange trains in a cameo. Mikkelsen's character and motivations also reminded me a bit of Malcolm McDowell's mad scientist role as Doctor Soren in Star Trek: Generations. The effects are top shelf and the two stingers at the end yield important clues for things to come.

Overall, I really enjoyed Doctor Strange and think it belongs up there with the best of the origin stories produced by Marvel Studios thus far. Doctor Strange opens in the United States theatrically on November 4, 2016.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera
All Rights Reserved.

On October 29, 1999, I started

On October 29, 1999, I started, then simply known as Genre, after working for several online publications as a reviewer and interviewer. The internet has changed a lot since then and so has GenreOnline. After appearing in the New York Times on the cover of the technology section in April of 2001, I was encouraged to move from free web space and purchase a domain. Hence the .net. Over time I have archived the original and web hosted content containing over two thousand media reviews and more and moved the site to it's current home on Google Blogger while still retaining domain name. This has enabled me to enjoy the best of both worlds since now I can update on the fly from my tablet, phone or any other device with internet access. It has provide me with instant formatting for both mobile and desktop as well as enabled me take advantage of all of Google services, which are completely free and unparalleled in their ease of use and web based interactivity. GenreOnline has a companion YouTube channel as well as pages on FaceBook and Twitter. All the while I have maintained a certain amount of independence too, which I like while continuing to explore and develop my creative side with two books and more coming and as long as one keeps writing, regardless of what you write, it helps keep the skills sharp. I have also discovered a secret that alluded me for a while that I will share with you all now. It helps to have multiple outlets from which one can express themselves creatively. So depending upon the person reading this because all things are relative, if you are suffering from writer's block, go out and make a video or see a movie or read a book. If you feel compelled, write about it and post your thoughts in a newsgroup or whatnot and you will get feedback. Don't worry if a person comments in a negative fashion or whatnot. You can learn from everyone and whatever does not work for you, chuck it. I used to post reviews on news groups for years before I started reviewing professionally. In fact it was doing posts that got me discovered in a sense and that lead to writing for online publications and here. I do not have false images of my accomplishments. I am not a legend in my own mind. In fact I have often referred to myself simply as a guy in Brooklyn who happens to write stuff. I like the feeling of being grounded without delusions because I find that the larger the ego a person has, the less connected he or she stays with others. In this Facebook age, keeping things real is more important than one may realize. Remember the words of the late Beat Generation Author Hubert Shelby, whose books Last Exit To Brooklyn and Requiem For A Dream were made into major feature film releases that were shot, at least in part, on location in Brooklyn, New York. "Dreams have to be destroyed in order to make room for vision." Create your own vision of whatever you like and pursue it. You would be surprised at how just writing something down helps in the process of making one's visions come to fruition. If you have read this entire post, thank you and if you have not, thank you just the same. We are all in this world together and have far more in common than we have different.

Visually yours,

Mark A. Rivera


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cinemaquette Presents: Manticore Pre-Order

Cinemaquette Presents: ORIGIN

"Origin" represents the combination of imaginary and authentic animals from nature.
This style of art from David Zhou presents a virtual animal world, following the concept of "The Origin of Species." By continuing to add more animals from exotic lands, skies and oceans, we will explore a rich world with their lifestyle and environmental roles.
David Zhou is a traditional animal sculptor and designer of imaginary animals who lives in Shanghai with his family.

With the body of a monkey, the venomous tail of a scorpion, bat-like wings, and an elder human face, Manticore was described as an evil predator in Persian legend, similar to the Egyptian Sphinx.
The ancient Manticores were found in the stagnant forests of the old world. Nowadays, the living ones are only about 12 inches tall, their wings degraded, and their tails rendered harmless, their function more for balancing their bodies. They eat mainly the top leaves of aerial cage trees, together with fruit, buds, flowers, and nuts.
Manticores are a gentle and cryptic species. They can’t speak, but inherently possess the power of mind-reading, to predict what happens next. These interesting and unique characters make Manticores the favorite pets for royal families.

  • Approximately 24 inches in height.
  • Approximately 12 inches in width.
  • Exquisitely detailed paint.
  • Real metal ring with the edition number engraved
  • Themed display antique base.
  • Limited in production to 300 unitsworldwide.
Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under the base.

Item Status: PRE-ORDER
Estimated Shipping date: 2016 Q4.
Retail Price: $990.00

The PRE-ORDER may be closed without prior notice once we reach our edition size.
You may place orders at:

Last Minute Game of Thrones Halloween ideas

Available this Halloween season:
  • White Walker Mask from Trick or Treat Studios ($59.99) 
  • Night King Mask from Trick or Treat Studios ($49.99) 
  • Son of the Harpy Mask from Trick or Treat Studios ($59.99)
  • Drogon Shoulder Prop from Trick or Treat Studos ($49.99) 
  • Daenerys Drogon Neck Sculpture from MEY Designs ($2,730) 
  • Jon Snow Gambeson ($110) and Longclaw Sword ($95) from Museum Replicas 
  • Ned Stark Gambeson from Museum Replicas ($110) 
  • Sigil Cookie Cutters from Factory Entertainment ($19.99) 
  • CLUE®: Game of ThronesTM from USAopoly ($49.99)
  • Game of Thrones Beer: Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris Gift Pack from Brewery Ommegang ($22.99)
  •  Sigil Tournament Banners from CalhounSportswear ($24.99 each)
  •  “I Drink and I Know Things” Wine Glass ($9.99)
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    THE KILLING OF AMERICA -- new Blu-ray & DVD street date!!

    Thirty five years ago, a documentary was made about the state of violence in the U.S.A. America never had a chance to see it...until now.









    Coming to DVD and Blu-ray™ November 8th

    Available On Demand October 25th


    Los Angeles, CA – In 1981, director Sheldon Renan and Academy Award® nominated co-producer/co-writer Leonard Schrader (brother of filmmaker Paul) created a graphic and provocative examination of America’s history with – and penchant for – senseless violence, mass shootings and cold-blooded murder. Piercing, brutal and at times, unflinchingly graphic, The Killing of America was exhibited briefly in New York in 1982...and subsequently shelved. While the ensuing thirty five years have – thankfully – seen the lowering of overall violent crimes in the nation, the documentary’s themes about equating violence with economic & racial discrimination and the continued proliferation of personal firearms in our republic still echo in the national discourse during this election year. Sometimes, to solve a problem in front of us, we must look to the past...


    Severin Films announces the October 25th Digital HD and November 8th Blu-ray & DVD release of Sheldon Renan’s controversial documentary The Killing of America on Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand. Fully restored and just as explosive almost four decades after its inception, the film will be presented uncensored and uncut. In addition, the Blu-ray™ release includes the even more unnerving Japanese version known as Violence USA, which contains previously unseen footage from the American cut. A limited nationwide theatrical release is also planned; cities and theatres to be announced.


    The Killing of America begins with the following cautionary note: “All of the film you are about to see is real. Nothing has been staged.” Guided by interviews with criminals (including Robert Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan) and law-enforcement officials as well as incendiary newsreel footage of actual violent crimes, viewers are taken on a profoundly disturbing and still chillingly relevant journey into a uniquely American heart of darkness. Rock! Shock! Pop! proclaimed the film “a powerful experience,” The Guardian declared it “austere and remarkable,” and Vox Magazine showered praise via the warning “not for the faint of heart.” 


    The Killing of America Blu-ray™ and DVD comes fully loaded with exclusive Bonus Features including:


    • Audio commentary with director Sheldon Renan
    • Interview with director Sheldon Renan
    • Interview with editor Lee Percy
    • Interview With Mondo Movie historian Nick Pinkerton




    DC ALL ACCESS - UN Wonder Woman, DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novel, Arrow, DC Legends

    DC Legends New Characters Revealed + Gal Gadot/Lynda Carter Team Up with United Nations
    There are good teams...and there are Legendary ones. DC Legends is the all-new DC mobile game releasing next month, and in today's new episode of DC All Access, we exclusively reveal four new characters that you'll be able to add to your roster. Plus, we ask a few of our friends which heroes and villains they'd want on a DC Legends team. We also look at some of this week's new comics, including the newest DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel by Shea Fontana, and drop in on last week's amazing UN Wonder Woman event featuring Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter.

    Arrow Turns Criminal + Penguin Loves Riddler?

    Let’s see, last week we saw Superman and Supergirl fight Metallo, Butch betray the Penguin, Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes go at it once again on Arrow, and the Justice Society of America fight alongside the crew of the Waverider. How could we possibly top that?!?! Honestly, we don’t know. But Hector does, and once again he’s here to talk us through another can’t-miss week of #DCTV.

    The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun is SVCC-Bound


    San Jose, Calif. - October 24, 2016 - Fresh off the devastating Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) will [SPOILER ALERT] make his first post-TWD appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo will take place April 21-23, 2017 in downtown San Jose. Pairing science with fiction, Silicon Valley Comic Con aims to inspire and entertain with celebrity appearances, science/tech discussions, film and TV screenings, panels with award-winning authors and artists, cosplay contests and more.

    Best known for his starring role as Glenn Rhee in “The Walking Dead,” Steven Yeun has also appeared in the TV series “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” “Big Bang Theory” and “Warehouse 13,” and the indie film “My Name is Jerry.”  

    Steven Yeun will join SVCC 2017’s Hollywood celebrity guest roster that includes William Shatner, Adam Savage, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn and Gates McFadden. Featured tech/science and comic book guests include Buzz Aldrin, Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, Richard Garriott, Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux, Arthur Adams and Joyce Chin.

    After its successful inaugural year, SVCC will return to downtown San Jose the weekend of April 21-23, 2017. SVCC 2016 welcomed 60,000 attendees who enjoyed a sold-out show floor of 350+ exhibitors and dozens of packed panels and fan Q&As. The largest fan expo in Northern California, Silicon Valley Comic Con has already outgrown the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and will expand to include neighboring venues downtown. Three-day and single-day passes for SVCC 2017 can be purchased at

    To inquire about custom sponsorship and exhibitor packages or media partnerships, contact The exhibitor application is also available online now. For more information about SVCC, visit

    With Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the helm, Silicon Valley Comic Con celebrates the Age of the Geek by bringing together America’s two greatest superheroes: pop culture and technology. Featuring top celebrities, tech innovators, comics, scientists, independent artists, cosplay, video games, virtual reality, consumer electronics, music, apps and more, Silicon Valley Comic Con is where the entertainment and technology worlds intersect. Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 will take place April 21-23, 2017 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and surrounding downtown San Jose locations.  




    Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen and Academy Award® Winner Faye Dunaway 

    ATLANTA—Oct. 25, 2016—THE CASE FOR CHRIST, based on Lee Strobel's best-selling book about his own journey as an award-winning investigative journalist and resolute atheist who sets out to disprove Christianity, completed principal photography and will make its big screen debut in Spring 2017.

    “The book The Case for Christ lays out the overwhelming foundation of evidence from which personal faith can rise,” Strobel said. “The film gives the dramatic story behind the story of a man with personal animosity for Christianity who used journalistic and legal techniques to evaluate its claims. THE CASE FOR CHRIST takes audiences on an exciting journey from skepticism to belief.

    The film draws on the true story of Lee and Leslie Strobel, whose marriage struggled mightily as her growing faith collided with his determined atheism. The dramatic retelling of their journey offers heart and a human touch on the in-depth research Lee Strobel conducted. THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a moving story that will inspire everyone who sees it: believers, those who are searching for answers, and even those who are where Lee Strobel once was.

    From Pure Flix and Triple Horse Studios, THE CASE FOR CHRIST stars Mike Vogel (THE HELP), Erika Christensen (Parenthood), Academy Award® winner Faye Dunaway (BONNIE AND CLYDE, CHINATOWN), Academy Award® nominee Robert Forster (JACKIE BROWN), L. Scott Caldwell (Lost) and Frankie Faison (The Wire).

    Jonathan M. Gunn (DO YOU BELIEVE?) directs THE CASE FOR CHRIST, written by Brian Bird, (When Calls the Heart, Touched by An Angel) and based on Strobel’s book, published by Zondervan, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

    In 1980, after he won prestigious awards for investigative journalism, Strobel (Vogel) was promoted to legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune. When his wife, Leslie (Christensen) became a Christian, Lee utilized his journalistic and legal training to disprove the claims of Christianity. Working as an investigative reporter would, Strobel interviewed leading scholars on Evangelicalism and Christianity, offering them an opportunity to defend their views. Contrary to his intent, Strobel’s investigative efforts convinced him of Christianity’s reliability. The book became a worldwide best-seller and launched Strobel in a new direction – defending Christianity himself.

    THE CASE FOR CHRIST is distributed by Pure Flix and produced by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, Karl Horstmann and Brittany Lefebvre, and is set to release theatrically in the spring of 2017.

    © 2017 Pure Flix Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved

    Tribune reporter Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) continues his investigative report on the claims of Christianity, and examines the Shroud of Turin in THE CASE FOR CHRIST, coming to theaters in Spring 2017.

    Monday, October 24, 2016

    "Paranormal Lockdown" Halloween Special Moves to TLC"




    -- Hit Series PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN will Premiere an Epic Investigation of England’s

    Black Monk House on Monday, October 31 at 9/8c on TLC --


    (Silver Spring, Md.) – Hot on the heels of a successful launch of TLC’s brand-new seriesKINDRED SPIRITS (Fridays at 10/9c), the network is excited to announce the world premiere of PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN: THE BLACK MONK HOUSE on Halloween night. The special follows famed paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, from Destination America’s hit series PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, as they conduct a special investigation of the Black Monk House in Yorkshire, England – universally feared as the home of the most violent poltergeist activity ever reported. Groff and Weidman confine themselves to the infamous house for a record-breaking 100 hours, the longest paranormal investigation ever on television, in an attempt to capture the most convincing paranormal evidence ever to be recorded.Sure to scare the socks off of any viewer who dares to watch, the frightful day kicks off at 3/2c with a PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN marathon that culminates with the two-hour supernatural television event PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN: THE BLACK MONK HOUSE premiering Monday, October 31 at 9/8c on TLC.


    Today, the Black Monk House sits empty. It continues to challenge paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. Over the last 50 years, visitors to the Black Monk House have reported unexplainable demonic sounds, objects levitating, and people being physically attacked. There was even an account of a little girl being dragged up a flight of stairs by an unseen assailant, forcing her family to flee the home. It’s believed that the spirits in the house can be traced to an ancient burial ground and gallows that were once located near the land where the house currently sits.


    PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN: THE BLACK MONK HOUSE will have a special encore presentation on Destination America at 11/10c on Halloween night. TLC recently jumped into the paranormal genre with its Friday Night Frights block anchored by KINDRED SPIRITS, following renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. KINDRED SPIRITS airs on Fridays at 10/9c on TLC, immediately following premieres of the paranormal powerhouse series A HAUNTING at 9/8c. 


    PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN: THE BLACK MONK HOUSE is produced by Groff Entertainment.

    News: Louis C.K., Ryan Reynolds, Tracy Morgan and more set for "CONAN in NYC" on TBS Oct. 31-Nov. 3

    Louis C.K., Ryan Reynolds, Tracy Morgan and More Join the Guest List
    As TBS's CONAN Heads to New York for a Week of Shows

    Conan O'Brien to Host Broadcasts from the World Famous Apollo Theater Oct. 31 – Nov. 3

    TBS's late-night show CONAN will be heading back to New York City for the first time since 2011 for a week of shows airing Oct. 31 – Nov. 3. Joining host Conan O'Brien during the week will be special guests Louis C.K.Ryan Reynolds and Tracy Morgan, along with comedian Rory Scovel, the band The Sugar Hill Gang and more. Taped at Harlem's legendary Apollo Theater, the week of episodes will kick off the beginning of CONAN's eighth year on TBS, a division of Turner. It will also continue O'Brien's string of innovative road show broadcasts from cities across the United States and around the globe.

    The preliminary schedule for CONAN in NYC is included below, with additional guests and musical performances to be announced soon:

    CONAN in NYC
    Monday, Oct. 31
    : Musical guest The Sugar Hill Gang
    Tuesday, Nov. 1: Louis C.K.
    Wednesday, Nov. 2: Ryan Reynolds and comedian Rory Scovel
    Thursday, Nov. 3: Tracy Morgan

    In addition to the nightly shows, Team Coco will be live-streaming on Instagram( and Snapchat( every day from inside the Apollo Theater, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the shows.

    CONAN in NYC marks the show's sixth out-of-the-studio trip in the past 18 months and its second excursion to New York. Previous trips have taken O'Brien overseas to North Korea, Armenia and the United States Air Force Base in Doha, Qatar, where he was accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama. In spring 2015, O'Brien made headlines as the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in more than 50 years. During its eight seasons on TBS, the Los Angeles-based CONAN has also been broadcast from such U.S. cities as Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and, for the past two years, San Diego during Comic-Con® International.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016



    One of the Most Influential Horror Films of the Last 50 Years in a New 4K Digital Restoration by MoMA and The Film Foundation


    Night of the Living Dead Joins More Than 40 Newly Preserved Features Premiering in MoMA’s To Save and Project Festival this November


    To Save and Project: The 14th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation

    November 2–23, 2016

    The Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters

    Festival tickets on sale from October 19


    NEW YORK, October 19, 2016—The Museum of Modern Art announces the addition of George A. Romero’s horror classic Night of the Living Dead to the upcoming To Save and Project festival in November. The iconic horror film, widely diminished by duplication due to infamous copyright issues, will have its world premiere in its originally intended quality, thanks to a painstaking 4K digital restoration by MoMA and The Film Foundation. Director George A. Romero will attend the world premiere on November 5 at 8:00 p.m. at The Museum of Modern Art to introduce the screening. Tickets for that program go on sale October 22. An additional screening will take place at the Museum at 7:00 p.m. on November 12.


    Perhaps the most influential horror film of the last 50 years, Romero’s classic is also one of the most abused—subjected, because of its public-domain status, to well over 100 home video releases of deteriorated quality. The film has now been restored to its full, original glory by The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation, working from the original camera negative, which was carefully guarded over the years by the members of Image Ten, the Pittsburgh partnership that originally produced it.

    Night of the Living Dead has long been the subject of restoration discussions after a missing copyright notice upon its original 1968 print left it open to duplication and public rerelease. Recognizing its cinematic impact immediately, MoMA first acquired an original print in 1970 for its collection. Now, decades later, the Museum presents this important motion picture in its best possible state after a painstaking audio and image restoration. 

    “It’s an honor and a thrill to have MoMA restore and present a horror movie that I and a group of Pittsburgh friends created nearly 50 years ago,” said Romero. “After working closely with MoMA and the Film Foundation on this restoration, I know the meticulous work that has gone into creating this new restoration and I am excited to terrify new audiences and devoted fans with a version that returns our film to the quality we originally intended.”

    “Our annual To Save and Project festival showcases the best new restorations of masterworks and rediscoveries of world cinema. George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead set the standard for horror, and the figure of the zombie in its myriad incarnations on screens large and small. Until now, however, it has been impossible to truly appreciate the film’s formal beauty and visceral power,” said MoMA film curator and festival co-organizer Joshua Siegel. “Our state-of-the-art restoration draws upon the best original visual and audio elements previously thought to have been lost, ensuring that audiences will be able to enjoy Night of the Living Dead as originally intended by its creators for generations to come.”

    “The Film Foundation is thrilled that George Romero’s groundbreaking film is being restored from the original camera negative and track. We hope this will allow a new generation to experience the film and appreciate the elements that made it so innovative at the time, and give it continued power and relevance today. George Romero’s involvement in the restoration means that this version will be definitive, and the only one that truly reflects his vision,” said Margaret Bodde, executive director of The Film Foundation.

    The film was restored by The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation with funding provided by the George Lucas Family Foundation. The restoration was overseen by George A. Romero and Image Ten—most especially, Gary Streiner, Russ Streiner, and John Russo—with restoration work done by Cineric Inc, NYC, and Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA.

    Among its many influences, Romero’s film is credited with creating the zombie as we know it today: the reanimated corpse with a taste for the living, seen in everything from The Walking Dead to Shaun of the Dead. Despite its humble Pittsburgh working-class origins, exploitation genre ties, and inadequate handling by the original distributor, Night of the Living Dead has set numerous precedents for motion pictures throughout the world. It was the first film of its kind to cast an African American actor as the lead character based solely on the strength of his performance, and tramples widely held taboos of the time—from respect for the dead and authority figures to traditional family relationships and the narrative tradition of heroes surviving to the film’s conclusion. 

    Night of the Living Deadpremieres as part of The Museum of Modern Art’s 14th annual edition of To Save and Project, an international festival dedicated to celebrating newly preserved and restored films from archives, studios, distributors, foundations, and independent filmmakers. Running from November 2through 23, 2016, To Save and Project is organized by Joshua Siegel, Curator, and Dave Kehr, Adjunct Curator, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art.

    Tickets for all screenings are available two weeks prior to their screening date, beginning October 19. Tickets for the first screening of Night of the Living Dead will go on sale October 22.


    Special thanks to Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan and Cindi Rowell for their assistance on this exhibition






    An In-Depth Examination Of How The Internet Has Already Changed And Will Forever Change Every Aspect Of Our Lives, Available On DVD And Digital HD 

    On November 22 From Magnolia Home Entertainment

    “Four stars. Herzog weaves a fantastical tale

    - The Guardian

    Humanizing in its portrayal of the internet’s pioneers, victims, fringes, and wonders.” 

    -       BuzzFeed

    A must-see for anyone on social networks

    -       The Verge 

    LOS ANGELES – Legendary, Oscar® nominated documentarian Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man) presents a “deepy fascinating” (Nerdist) look at the birth of the internet, and what it will become in the not-to-distant future in LO AND BEHOLD: REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD, arriving on DVD and Digital HD on November 22 from Magnolia Home Entertainment.


    For the “masterful inquiry into technological evolution” (The Playlist), Herzog supplies first-hand perspective on human society in the digital age fromfamed Internet pioneers and visionaries such as Bob Kahn (Co-Inventor of Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol), Elon Musk (Founder and CEO of SpaceX) and Kevin Mitnick (Hacker, Author and Computer Security Consultant), among others. 


    No one could have predicted that when the Internet started in a lab at UCLA, it would have such far reaching implications in almost every aspect of every person’s life, from business to education, to healthcare and everything in between. Herzog presents a provocative look at the Internet’s humble beginning to what it has become – a way for instant communication with loved ones but also a cyber battlefield between world powers – and what theorists can only dream of next from instantly Tweeting thoughts and connecting with a colony on Mars.


    With special features including an interview with Herzog and the theatrical trailer, LO AND BEHOLD: REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $26.98.


    In LO AND BEHOLD: REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD, the Oscar®-nominated documentarian Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams) chronicles the virtual world from its origins to its outermost reaches, exploring the digital landscape with the same curiosity and imagination he previously trained on earthly destinations as disparate as the Amazon, the Sahara, the South Pole and the Australian outback. Herzog leads viewers on a journey through a series of provocative conversations that reveal the ways in which the online world has transformed how virtually everything in the real world works - from business to education, space travel to healthcare, and the very heart of how we conduct our personal relationships.





    Twitter: #LOANDBEHOLD


    Special Features:

    Interview With Director Werner Herzog

    Theatrical Trailer


    DVD Price: $26.98

    Street Date: Nov. 22, 2016           

    Run Time: 98 min                                  

    Catalog: 11015                                    

    Rating: PG-13

    CENTS | Available on VOD and Digital HD Nov. 15

    Written and Directed by: Christopher Boone

    Starring: Julia Flores, Lillie Kolich, Jy Prishkulnik, Claire Carter, Monique Candelaria, Esodie Geiger, and Lora Martinez-Cunningham

    CENTS is the inspiring story of a young girl learning to embrace her own brilliance, while navigating the rough and tumble world of middle school. The story of math whiz Sammy and her attempt to befriend the “cool” kids with her scheme for the school penny drive is filled with wonderful performances and nuanced depictions of the relationships of both young girls and mothers and daughters. 

    Starring newcomer Julia Flores as the lead Sammy Baca and surrounded by a standout cast of young emerging talent — Lillie Kolich, Jy Prishkulnik, and Claire Carter — and seasoned performers — Monique Candelaria, Esodie Geiger and Lora Martinez-Cunningham. CENTS is written and directed by Christopher Boone, Produced by Boone and Ella Sitkin. Director of Photography is Corey Weintraub. Music is by Kathryn Bostic. Editor is Reuben Finkelstein. 

    RT: 85min / Not Yet Rated 





    Marvel Presents "BLACK PANTHER: A NATION UNDER OUR FEET" Featuring the Debut of "No Fear" by Jeff N Fess






    Innovative Marvel Video Series Bridges Marvel Comics with Top Music Talent


    New York, NY—October 19, 2016 — Today, Marvel Comics continues to present this year’s breakout Marvel Super Hero – the Black Panther – through a monthly video series that continues to link the world of comics and hip-hop blending animated comics along with commentary from Black Panther writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Additionally, “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Part Six” is launching the brand new track, “No Fear” by Jeff N Fess.


    Within Marvel Comics’ Black Panther, written by The Atlantic national correspondent and National Book Award winner, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Black Panther confronts a dramatic upheaval in Wakanda that will make leading the African nation tougher than ever before! With no one left to trust, T'Challa leans the only people he can trust: Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Storm. But Wakanda may be too far gone for this all-new, all different CREW.


    Continuing the excitement surrounding Marvel’s celebrated Super Hero T’Challa, the Black Panther, the latest episode of this revolutionary multi-artist hip-hop-inspired video series samples a brand new track, “No Fear” by Jeff N Fess.


    "I grew up a super comic fan so the fact that I have the chance to work with Marvel on Black Panther has me geeked," said DJ Jazzy Jeff of Jeff N Fess. 


    Watch “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Part Six” now!


    Black Panther #7 is available digitally through the Marvel Digital Comic Shopand at all local comic book retailers. To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicboo






    Critically Acclaimed Drama Arrives on DVD December 20, 2016



                  HOLLYWOOD, CA – Lauded as “unexpected and wildly compelling” (Adam Chitwood, Collider) and “brutal and harrowing” (Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair), director Andrew Neel’s gripping drama GOATarrives on DVD December 20, 2016 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  Based on Brad Land’s memoir, with a screenplay by David Gordon Green, Neel and Mike Roberts, the film had its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it was a critical success.  Produced by Killer Films and Rabbit Bandini and executive produced by Robert Halmi Jr. and Jim Reeve for Great Point Media,GOAT has been Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes and stars actor-musician Nick Jonas (“Kingdom” on Starz), Ben Schnetzer (Pride, The Book Thief) and James Franco (127 Hours).

                GOAT follows a 19-year-old Brad (Schnetzer), newly arrived to college and desperate to belong.  Taking a cue from his older brother Brett (Jonas), Brad decides to pledge a fraternity.  At first, it’s all parties and girls. But as Brad enters into the final stretch of the pledging ritual—known as “hell week”—things take a violent, humiliating turn.  What occurs in the name of ‘brotherhood’ tests both boys and their relationship in brutal ways.

                The GOAT DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with English 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English, French and Spanish subtitles.




    Great Point Media presents a Killer Films/Battle Mountain Films and Rabbit Bandini Productions production, produced in association with Fresh Jade Limited: “GOAT.”  Starring Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Virginia Gardner, Jake Picking and James Franco.  Casting by Susan Shopmaker.  Costume designer Sarah Mae Burton.  Composer Arian Miranda.  Editor Brad Turner.  Production designer Akin McKenzie.  Director of photography Ethan Palmer.  Co-producer Karri O’Reilly.  Executive producers Jim Reeve, Robert Halmi, Jr., and John Wells.  Produced by James Franco, Vince Jolivette, David Hinojosa, and Christine Vachon.  Based on the book by Brad Land.  Screenplay by David Gordon Green and Andrew Neel & Mike Roberts.  Directed by Andrew Neel.