Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DC ALL ACCESS - UN Wonder Woman, DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novel, Arrow, DC Legends

DC Legends New Characters Revealed + Gal Gadot/Lynda Carter Team Up with United Nations
There are good teams...and there are Legendary ones. DC Legends is the all-new DC mobile game releasing next month, and in today's new episode of DC All Access, we exclusively reveal four new characters that you'll be able to add to your roster. Plus, we ask a few of our friends which heroes and villains they'd want on a DC Legends team. We also look at some of this week's new comics, including the newest DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel by Shea Fontana, and drop in on last week's amazing UN Wonder Woman event featuring Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter.

Arrow Turns Criminal + Penguin Loves Riddler?

Let’s see, last week we saw Superman and Supergirl fight Metallo, Butch betray the Penguin, Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes go at it once again on Arrow, and the Justice Society of America fight alongside the crew of the Waverider. How could we possibly top that?!?! Honestly, we don’t know. But Hector does, and once again he’s here to talk us through another can’t-miss week of #DCTV.