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"The Flash: The Complete Second Season" on Blu-ray & DVD September 6, 2016

#1 Series On The CW 



Includes Three Hours of Bonus Content 

with Behind-The-Scenes Content, Deleted Scenes and a Gag Reel! 


Zooming Into Stores On Blu-ray™ & DVD 

On September 6, 2016


BURBANK, CA (May 31, 2016) – Just in time for the third season premiere of the #1 show on The CW, catch (if you can) the release of The Flash: The Complete Second Season as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases the next installment of the series on Blu-rayTM (including Digital HD) and DVD on September 6, 2016. Fans will be able to watch all 23 electrifying episodes from the second season, as well as the Arrow crossover episode, plus three hours of extra content, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. The Flash: The Complete Second Season is priced to own at $49.99 SRP for the DVD and $54.97 SRP for the Blu-rayTM


Last season, the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator exploded, creating a dark matter storm that struck forensic scientist Barry Allen — bestowing him with super-speed and making him the fastest man alive. But Barry wasn’t the only person who was given extraordinary abilities that night. The dark matter also created meta-humans — many of whom have wreaked havoc on the city. With the help of the S.T.A.R Labs team, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and Dr. Harrison Wells, Barry protects the people of Central City from these powerful new threats as The Flash. Following the defeat of Allen's arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne (aka the Reverse-Flash), Team Flash must quickly turn their attention to the Singularity left swirling high above Central City, consuming everything in its path. Not only is the Singularity threatening the city with impending doom, but it’s also opened up a gateway to a parallel universe – a world where Barry Allen may not be the fastest man alive; but instead an unstoppable villain known as Zoom.   


With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, The Flash: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. The 4-disc Blu-ray will feature a high-definition Blu-ray and a Digital HD copy of all 23 episodes from season one, as well as the Arrow crossover episode.


The Flash stars Grant Gustin (ArrowGlee), Candice Patton (The Game), Danielle Panabaker (Justified, Necessary Roughness), Carlos Valdes (Arrow) and Keiynan Lonsdale (Insurgent), with Tom Cavanagh (EdThe Following), and Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order). Based on the characters from DC Comics, The Flash is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Supergirl, Blindspot, The Mysteries of Laura)Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow, Supergirl), Gabrielle Stanton (The Vampire Diaries), Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (Spartacus, Black Sails) and Sarah Schechter (Arrow, The Mysteries of LauraSupergirl).



3 hours of Bonus Content including:

·         Behind-the-scenes visual effects featurettes for almost every episode!

·         Star Crossed Hawks featurette

·         Star Crossed Hawks: The Hunt for Vandal Savage featurette

·         The Many Faces of Zoom featurette

·         Chasing Flash  - The Journey of Kevin Smith featurette

·         The Flash: 2015 Comic-Con Panel

·         The Flash: 2015 PaleyFest

·         Deleted Scenes

·         Gag Reel




"Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season" on Blu-ray & DVD August 30, 2016

The Series Continues with New Villains, New Heroes, and New Challenges! 




Contains All Action-Packed Episodes from the Fourth Season,

Plus All-New Featurettes, The 2015 Comic-Con Panel, Deleted Scenes and a Gag Reel!


The Crusade Continues On Blu-ray™ including Digital HD & DVD 

August 30, 2016


BURBANK, CA (May 31, 2016) – Just in time for Arrow’s fifth season on The CW, viewers can catch up with the thrilling series as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-rayTM including Digital HD and DVD on August 30, 2016. Averaging 4 million viewers weekly for each original episode, Arrow is The CW’s #3 show among Total Viewers, behind The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrowand the #2 series on The CW amongst Adults 18-34.The releasecontains all 23 exhilarating episodes from the fourth season, and The Flash crossover episode; plus over an hour and a half of extra content, including the 2015 Comic-Con Panel, never-before-seen featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season is priced to own at $49.99 SRP for the DVD and $54.97 SRP for the Blu-ray including Digital HD. 


*Source: Nielsen National TV View L+7 US AA%; excluding repeats, specials, and <3 TCs; Season To-Date = 9/21/15-2/7/16


After defeating his most formidable foe to date and riding off into the sunset with longtime flame Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen (aka The Arrow) left Star City with the hopes of beginning a new life. But will Oliver ever truly be able to leave behind his past as The Arrow, and, if so, what becomes of the team he has worked so hard to assemble? Will military vet John Diggle, Oliver’s sister Thea Queen, and lawyer-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance continue Oliver's fight without him? And with Malcolm Merlyn having ascended to the top of the League of Assassins as the new Ra's al Ghul, is anyone really safe?  


With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. The 4-disc Blu-ray will feature a high-definition Blu-ray and a Digital HD copy of all 23 episodes from Season Four, as well as The Flash crossover episode. 


Arrow stars Stephen Amell (Private Practice), Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Melrose Place)David Ramsey (Blue Bloods, Dexter)Willa Holland (The O.C.) and Emily Bett Rickards (Brooklyn), with John Barrowman (Desperate HousewivesDoctor Who), and Paul Blackthorne (The River)Based on the characters from DC Comics, Arrow is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Supergirl, Blindspot)Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone)Andrew Kreisberg (The Flash, Supergirl), Wendy Mericle (Desperate Housewives) and Sarah Schechter (The Flash, Supergirl). 




·         Star Crossed Hawks featurette

·         Star Crossed Hawks: The Hunt for Vandal Savage featurette

·         Smooth Criminal: The Damien Darhk Story featurette

·         Arrow: 2015 Comic-Con Panel

·         Deleted Scenes

·         Gag Reel




Risen: 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital Review

Risen stars Joseph Fiennes stars as Clavius, a powerful Roman military tribune who along with his aid (Tom Felton) have been ordered to disprove the rumors of the man, named Jesus (Cliff Curtis), in the weeks following his crucifixion has risen as the Messiah of the developing cult known as Christianity because the Empire fears more uprisings in Jerusalem, an area already filled with a deep seated hate for the Romans by the indigenous peoples of the land. Although the films are very different, I cannot help but be reminded of The Robe, which basically dealt with a similar theme of finding faith even if it goes against everything you have been raised to believe. The 1950s and 60s had many religious epics, most notably The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur, but they certainly were not the only films in that sub genre and with the increasing popularity of faith based entertainment going mainstream, I have a feeling we will see more films in the sub genre, but geared toward the Millennial generation and their parents as opposed to the baby boomers and their parents before them.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment presents Risen in both 4K Ultra High Definition on one disc and 1080p High Definition on the other disc, which also contains the extra vale materials, which is a manner not dissiimar to the Blu-ray 3D discs are packaged and presented, which is why I see 4K on Blu-ray as more of an extension of Blu-ray rather than a successor format like Blu-ray was to DVD. However with High Dynamic Range enabled, the 4K Ultra HD version of Risen is and will be the best way to see and hear movies like this in home theaters for some time to come. The minute details like face stubble to larger details like the vivid red of the Roman uniform simply pop in a way that 1080p HD simply does not match. The English Dolby Atmos 7.1 Soundtrack, which is backwardly compatible with Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Sound has a crisper and more aggressive quality when compared to the English DTS-HD MA Soundtrack found on the 1080p BD version. 

Risen is presented in 2160p Ultra HD resolution (2.40:1) aspect ratio, which holds true for the 1080p HD Blu-ray as well. Parisian French Dubbed DTS-HD MA 5.1 as well as Spanish Language Dubbed Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound are encoded as options along with an English DVS track and English SDH as well as English, French, Polish and Spanish Language Subtitles.

Extra value features on the Blu-ray Disc include a retrospective audio commentary track with Producer and Writer Patrick Aello. Five deleted scenes, A deconstruction of a battle scene that takes place at the start of the film (5:03), a making of featurette (11:14), a production design featurette (9:29), a script-to-screen comparison (3:57) and some Sony previews wrap up the bonus features on the HD BLu-ray Disc. A limited time only redeemable code for an Ultraviolet Digital Copy is included within the black UHD BD two-disc case. 

Risen: 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital is available now at retailers on and offline courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera
All Rights Rserved.

Eiichi Yamamoto's lost animated masterpiece, BELLADONNA OF SADNESS, on Blu-Ray & VOD July 12

One of the great lost masterpieces of Japanese animation, newly restored in 4k for this first-ever U.S. release.  BELLADONNA OF SADNESS follows the mad and sensual tale of Jeanne, an innocent young woman who makes a pact with the devil (voiced by Tatsuya Nakadai, from Akira Kurosawa's RAN). Filled with explicit Egon Schiele-inspired eroticism, the film is a swirling, psychedelic light-show of medieval tarot-card imagery replete with horned demons, haunted forests and La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  Extremely transgressive and not for the easily offended, BELLADONNA is fueled by a mindblowing Japanese psych rock soundtrack by noted avant-garde jazz composer Masahiko Satoh.

To watch the trailer CLICK HERE.
BELLADONNA OF SADNESS is the last in the adult-themed Animerama Trilogy produced by the godfather of Japanese anime & manga, Osamu Tezuka, and directed by his long time collaborator Eiichi Yamamoto (ASTRO BOY, KIMBA THE WHITE LION). All but lost since the its 1970s release, the film was restored by Cinelicious Pics using the original 35mm camera negative and sound elements - including over 8 minutes of surreal and explicit footage cut from the negative.

"Compulsively watchable... 
BELLADONNA OF SADNESS is undoubtedly a landmark of animated film, and arguably a masterpiece."

[Anime's] first masterpiece was Belladonna of Sadness (Kanashimi no Beradonna), a film that has a visual style so sui generis that I can only compare it to Sesame Street if  Sesame Street 
were, as my paternal grandmother believed, a recruiting film for LSD-addled freakazoids and the Church of Satan."
--J.W. McCormack, VICE 

In conjunction with the Blu-Ray release, Hat & Beard and Cinelicious will be releasing a book about the movie:  Belladonna of Sadness: A Companion to the 1973 Cult Japanese Anime Film. The book will feature the first-ever in-depth interviews translated in English with director Eiichi Yamamoto, illustrator Kuni Fukai and famed jazz musician & soundtrack composer Masahiko Satoh, plus stunning color reproductions of the film's surreal artwork, and interviews with Cinelicious' restoration artists on rescuing the long-lost 
complete version of the film.

Both the regular edition and special Limited Edition (including Blu-ray, 1-sheet poster, pins and other goodies) of the book are now available for pre-order on Hat & Beard's

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Pop Culture Shock Toys Newsletter 05.29.16

Collectors !  What is best in life ?

The feel of cold polystone in your hands. The click of the magnets as you attach the pieces. And the brand new PCS Collectibles  CONAN THE BARBARIAN 1:3 Statue !

1:3 Scale Statue     
“Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!”

Between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas was the Hyborian Age. The Vanished Age.
The Age of Conan.
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to present their first piece of Robert E. Howard’s battleborn Barbarian, the greatest of the Cimmerians, Conan, as depicted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role that launched his career.
“When you think ‘Barbarian’ you think ‘Conan,’ and when you think Conan you think Arnold,” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock. “There would be no clemency given for this one, the likeness had to be flawless. And I think we nailed it. I’d hold it up with the best Schwarzenegger pieces ever made.”
Arnold himself might agree, personally approving it without a single note.
Hand crafted by PCS artisans in high-quality polystone, the cloth, leather and fur elements of his costume have been faithfully reproduced in mixed media, Atlantean Sword glimmering in polished metal, Wheel of Pain medallion hanging from his neck.  
Produced in both a Classic and bloody War Paint versions, he stands almost 2 ½’ tall, posed on a lustrous marbled base in the film’s most iconic pose.
PCS Exclusive
Only available directly through PCS
Price :  $849.99
Edition Size : 325 pieces 
Size : 29" (73cm) tall
Est Ship : 3rd qtr 2017
Includes : Tailored fabric costume, metal sword and certificate of authenticity
Up to 10% Discount with Pre-Order


CONAN 1:3 STATUE - War Paint
PCS Exclusive
Only available directly through PCS
Price :  $899.99
Edition Size : 275 pieces 
Size : 29" (73cm) tall
Est Ship : 3rd qtr 2017
Includes : Tailored fabric costume, metal sword and certificate of authenticity
Up to 10% Discount with Pre-Order


CONAN 1:3 STATUE - Crom Set
PCS Exclusive
Only available directly through PCS
Price :  $1750.00
Edition Size : 75 pieces 
Size : 29" (73cm) tall
Est Ship : 3rd qtr 2017
Includes : Both Classic and War Paint versions of the 1:3 Conan Statue with matching numbers, plus a lifesize replica 'Wheel of Pain' pendant !
Up to 10% Discount with Pre-Order

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Shaping Change: Conference on Octavia E. Butler

UC San Diego, Cross-Cultural Center 
(2nd Floor of the Price Center East) 
Open to the public
"Shaping Change: Remembering Octavia E. Butler Through Archives, Art, and Worldmaking" is a conference celebrating Octavia E Butler's life and work. The conference will take place from June 3-5, 2016 at the UC San Diego Cross-Cultural Center and is open to the public.  
Butler's experiences as a working-class, quirky Black girl growing up in southern California profoundly shaped her life and writing. This conference endeavors to engage these intersecting identities through multiple mediums and fields of study. Participants will consider how Butler's work helps us imagine a future where justice is attainable and differences are celebrated and consider the following questions:
50 years from now, how have we shaped change (through art, activism, and archives) in the world? What have we left behind that that we can draw from our presents and pasts? What lessons in Butler's life and writing will help forestall what seems like the inevitable collapse of human civilization?
Organized by Shelley Streeby (UC San Diego) and Ayana Jamieson (founder, Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network), the event will feature talks from:
Adrienne Maree Brown
Aimee Bahng
Alexis Lothian
M. Asli Dukan
Ayana Jamieson
Krista Franklin
Lisa Bolekaja
Melanie West
Moya Bailey
Nisi Shawl
Ola Ronke
Rasheedah Phillips
Shelley Streeby
Sophia Echavarria
Ted Chiang
Walidah Imarisha
Butler was an alumnus of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, which has been organized by the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego since 2007 and has fostered the talents of many of the leading sci-fi/fantasy writers since its inception in 1968.
This event is sponsored by the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination; The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop at UC San Diego; The Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network; Sixth College; Division of Social Sciences; Division of Arts and Humanities; Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Departments of Theater and Dance, Ethnic Studies, Music, Psychology, Education Studies, and Literature; the Critical Gender Studies Program; and the Black Studies Project.

Long Awaited Sequel to Cult Sci-Fi Hit, The Man From Earth, Announces Cast and Principal Photography





Principal Photography Begins In June


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Emmy®, Grammy® and Tony Award® Nominee Vanessa Williams (Eraser, Shaft, “Desperate Housewives”), Sterling Knight (17 Again, “Sonny With a Chance” and “Melissa & Joey”), Brittany Curran (Dear White People, Legally Blondes), Carlos Knight (“Supah Ninjas”) and Akemi Look (The Unbidden) are joining returning cast members David Lee Smith (“CSI: Miami”, Zodiac, Fight Club) and William Katt (Carrie [1976], House,“The Greatest American Hero”) in The Man From Earth: Holocene, the next film from writer-director Richard Schenkman. The Man From Earth: Holocene continues the epic journey of John Oldman (Smith), an immortal man of incomparable wisdom and experience. The story for the sequel is being kept under wraps until the film’s release in 2017.


The 2007 original The Man From Earth, written by renowned sci-fi writer/author Jerome Bixby (Fantastic Voyage, It! The Terror from Beyond Space) launched the thought-provoking franchise about college professor “John Oldman” who reveals to his colleagues that he's actually a centuries-old caveman. And so began a captivating journey through history and a philosophical meditation on immortality. The script was the last work from screenwriter Bixby, who earned career accolades for his contributions to such genre-defining shows as “Star Trek" (“Mirror Mirror”, “Requiem For Methuselah”, “Day of the Dove”) and “The Twilight Zone” (”It’s a Good Life”) and poses the provocative question… Is it science-fiction or science-fact? 


After The Man From Earth made its debut at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival, the critically-acclaimed film hit the festival circuit and went on to win numerous awards including Best Screenplay and Best Feature at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, before traveling to festivals worldwide including Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Israel, Columbia and more. Following its festival run, the film was released by Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment and earned a 2008 Saturn Award Nomination for “Best DVD Release” from The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films that soon cemented its cult status. With over 126,000 votes, the film is currently ranked #45 on IMDb’s Top Science Fiction Films of All Time.


“People have been asking for this since the first movie became a viral phenomenon,” said director Richard Schenkman. “Over the years, I’ve spent time developing this property with the ultimate goal of creating a long form series. I’ve had a lot of help from a number of really talented people, and stunning support from fans all over the world. It’s been a long road, but now that we’re about to start shooting, I could not be more excited. Nervous, of course, but excited.”



Schenkman and Eric D. Wilkinson are producing and Schenkman shares writing credit on the movie with Jerome Bixby’s son, Emerson Bixby, who also serves as executive producer through his Falling Sky Entertainment Banner.  The Man From Earth: Holocene is based on a story by Schenkman & Wilkinson. 


Schenkman has assembled a stellar production team for The Man From Earth: Holocene, with frequent collaborator cinematographer Richard Vialet (Boo! A Madea Halloween, Tales of Halloween), production designer Ryan Henneman (The Curse of Sleeping Beauty), editor Bobby K. Richardson (Mercenaries) and casting by Shannon Makhanian (The Brits are Coming, Brick) all on-board.


Schenkman’s credits include The Pompatus of Love starring John Cryer and Academy Award® Nominee Kristen Scott Thomas, and the holiday favorite A Diva’s Christmas Carolstarring Vanessa Williams. Wilkinson’s credits include Sparks starring Ashley Bell and Clancy Brown, and the upcoming Subterranea starring Nick Turturro, Bug Hall and William Katt.


Roseanne For President! Opens on July 1 - Opening Day Announcement


In 2012, Roseanne Barr ran for president of the United States.  Although she enjoyed calling herself “the only serious comedian in the race,” the campaign was not a joke.  “Roseanne for President!” is the hilarious, remarkable, moving, and illuminating film that documents how one of the most influential and controversial comedians of all time boldly and passionately extends her legacy as an advocate and symbol for everyday Americans.  While peering behind the curtain to see the unusual and highly entertaining world of “other” party politics, “Roseanne for President!” is also a revealing look at Roseanne’s life and career, and how this bold, brash, Jewish grandmother from Utah made herself into a working class hero.
Her family and friends all attest that Roseanne’s run for president is very real.  Now living in Hawaii with her longtime boyfriend, Roseanne has restricted most of her public appearances over the last few years to the political and social causes that move her:  justice and opportunity for the working class, tax fairness, women’s rights, ending the war, and the legalization of marijuana. Roseanne’s passion and her skill with a crowd prompted former Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney to recruit Roseanne to consider running on the Green Party ticket in 2012.  Roseanne seizes the opportunity to continue what she sees as her lifelong mission – to represent the interests of people like her, hard-working, compassionate, and independent. 
As Roseanne files her paperwork and undertakes her unconventional nationwide campaign – her spirited campaign manager is a young woman from Minnesota named Farheen – the film also reflects on Roseanne’s life and career, from a childhood where she was first motivated by politics and social justice, to her skyrocketing to fame as stand-up comedy’s “domestic goddess” and her groundbreaking television show.  The goal for Roseanne is never to “win,” exactly, but to find a way to speak her truth and encourage others to do the same:  the message behind Roseanne’s work is always that ordinary people should not only be heard, but empowered.  “Roseanne for President!” is the next chapter in Roseanne’s very public life:  as imperfect as she reveals herself to be, she continues to empower herself and make herself a force on behalf of others.  And she does so in a way that is, of course, hilarious, outrageous, and completely unique.
DIRECTOR: Eric Weinrib
PRODUCERS: James Moore and Eric Weinrib
CAST: Roseanne Barr, Farheen Hakeem, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Sandra Bernhard, Tom Smothers
CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Nick McKinney, Meghan O’Hara, William O. Perkins III
RELEASE DATE: Friday, July 1 (NY) and on VOD/Digital Platforms. July TBA in Los Angeles.
TRT: 97 minutes
RATING: The film is not rated.

Hey, Puddin! New Items from DC Collectibles, A Chance to Win & More

Hey, Puddin! Have One of These Yet?
We are celebrating Harley Quinn in all her glory this month. In case you missed any of these action figures and statues that were announced this year...

We've got the Harley Quinn red, white and black statue by Ant Lucia, DC Comics: Designer Series Harley by Bruce Timm, Amanda Conner action figures and more.
In Honor of Epic Season Finales—Order Today!
This #DCTV action figure 2-pack includes Green Arrow and the Flash as portrayed by Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin in the hit TV series ARROW and THE FLASH. Each one measures approximately 7 inches.
Your Chance to Win this Wonder Woman Statue!
Legendary animator and multiple Eisner Award winner Bruce Timm brings his vision of the Amazon Princess to this powerful new Art of War statue, which stands approximately 7.5 inches tall.
Can't wait? You can still order by clicking below.

While Supplies Last—Order Your Batwing Today!
Complement your Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile with this jaw-dropping 36" Batwing replica, which features light, slidable-door access and room for two 6" action figures.


TNT Programming Alert Week of June 12, 2016

TNT Programming Alert

Week of June 12, 2016


"The Scott Effect" – Sunday, June 12, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-14-LV

CNO Tom Chandler is sent to Asia to investigate a possible mutation of the Red Flu. Captain Slattery and his crew deliver cure to Southeast Asia but there may be an unexpected threat in the region.

Directed by Michael Katleman
Written by Steven Kane


"Rising Sun" – Sunday, June 12, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-14-LV

Chandler must find a way to return to his old crew and investigate a dangerous new foe.

Directed by Michael Katleman
Written by Hank Steinberg

Rizzoli & Isles

"Cops vs. Zombies" - Monday, June 13, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) - TV–14-DLV

The team works on behalf of the dead - and the undead - after a murder at a zombie convention. Angela decides to pursue her GED after revealing that she never graduated from high school. 

Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Katie Wech
Developed by Janet Tamaro
Based on the series of novels by Tess Gerritsen


"Present Tense" – Monday, June 13, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-14-DLV

The Major Crimes squad investigates the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl, who vanished while volunteering at a homeless shelter, while Buzz cracks open the decades old "cold case" file on the murder of his father and uncle. Andy Flynn considers selling his house.

Directed by Sheelin Choksey
Written by Damani Johnson
Created by James Duff


Pilot – Tuesday, June 14, at 9 p.m.(ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV

After his mother dies of a heroin overdose, Joshua 'J' Cody moves in with his estranged grandmother, Janine "Smurf" Cody in Southern California. He soon finds himself drawn into a dark world funded by criminal activities that he's been shielded from for years, as she and his uncles plan their upcoming heist. J must prove his loyalty to stay alive, all the while learning that Smurf is the intense, beguiling and complicated matriarch who rules over "her boys" with a borderline incestuous love.

Directed by John Wells
Written by Jonathan Lisco
Based on the feature film written and directed by David Michôd

"We Don't Hurt People" – Tuesday, June 14, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV
The Codys must deal with the aftermath of the heist as they discover all did not go as planned. Smurf dispatches her boys to tie up loose ends, but her efforts are complicated by Baz and Pope's growing rivalry. As Pope gets increasingly volatile, J finds himself in the middle.

Directed by John Wells
Written by Jonathan Lisco

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/TNTDrama
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Highly Anticipated Sundance and SXSW fav! IFC Midnight's CARNAGE PARK opens theatrically on July 1

This pure-pulp thrill ride jumps between past and present as it pieces together the puzzle of a shocking crime. It’s 1978 and a bank robbery gone wrong leaves Vivian (The Last Exorcism’s Ashley Bell) the hostage of two criminals on the run. But things go from bad to off-the-rails berserk when she and her captors wind up on the sun-baked desert outpost of a deranged ex-military sniper (Pat Healy), who ensnares them in his deadly game of cat and mouse. Rising horror auteur Mickey Keating (Pod, Darling) directs this gritty, grisly homage to the glory days of grindhouse cinema.

Director/Writer: Mickey Keating
Producers: Eric B. Fleischman and Sean Tibibian
Cast: Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, James Landry Hebert, Darby Stanchfield, and Alan Ruck
Release Date:  July 1 in New York/VOD. July TBD in Los Angeles.
Distributor: IFC Midnight
TRT: 86 minutes
Rating: The film is not rated.

Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.