Sunday, May 8, 2016

Feeding Frenzy Feature Film Review

Having reviewed Space Cop a few weeks ago I decided to check out RedLetterMedia's previous feature film, Feeding Frenzy. Like Space Cop before it, it definitely helps to be familiar with RedLetterMedia's previous viral YouTube videos and series to catch some of the references and in-jokes placed throughout the film and appreciate the hammy performance of Rich Evans, who reprises his onscreen role as Mr. Plinkett made famous from the Star Wars prequel reviews as well as the hit net series Half In The Bag. 

Released in 2010, Feeding Frenzy is a schlock spoof to films like Critters though done on what appears to be a lower budget and with the RedLetterMedia regulars acting in supporting roles. In some ways I think Feeding Frenzy is technically superior to Space Cop in terms of what appears to be forced creative solutions to make their low budget film have more production value. It is also consistently funnier than Space Cop even though there are some cheap jokes and filler that goes no place. The acting is about less than average from what one might expect from a student film. Thankfully Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman and Rich Evans have all gotten a lot better since this movie was produced. Ironically in the years since the it was made Mike Stoklasa has put on weight while Rich Evans has lost a few pounds and Jay Bauman no longer looks like a kid. 

The gore effects are pretty good and the puppets are functional considering the nature of the film and having watched episodes of Half In The Bag  on YouTube I can definitely state they have all become more professional too. Those familiar with the RedLetterMedia sitcom The Grabowskys may notice some on location and reused set similarities.

Overall, if you are a RedLetterMedia fan, I definitely recommend checking out Feeding Frenzy, but for the casual viewer I would recommend visiting their YouTube channel and watching some of their original programming like Half In The Bag and Best Of The Worst first to get a feel for these guys or see if you can rent, borrow or stream a copy online. 

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