Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee: A Short Tribute.

Kim, my longtime friend and colleague in Coventry surprised me after I told him today was Peter Cushing's birthday. He informed me that tomorrow was Christopher Lee's birthday. I immediately felt a momentary sense of shame. After all that is exactly the kind of inconsequential trivia knowledge I should know. 
What some of you might not know is Cushing and Lee were great friends behind the cameras and the two had not only great respect for each other, but they were incredibly talented men who loved the work they did.
Cushing appeared in Laurence Olivier's feature film adaptation of Hamlet and Lee was a busy working actor until the day he passed away.
Lest we forget that both men played important roles in the Star Wars Saga.
So they were two very good friends who were greatly talented and loved to work together with legacies that will keep their fans appreciative for generations. Happy Birthday Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. May you both rest in peace friends forevermore.