Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sideshow Collectibles Presents Their First Premium Format Figure Statue From Rogue One.

Sideshow Collectibles has presented and put up for preorder their first Premium Format Figure Statue from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
The premiere license holder and producer of high end collectibles based in the United States has set a price for the Sideshow Exclusive Death Trooper Specialist Premium Format Figure Statue at $549.99 with a monthly payment plan option set for as little as $61.87. The figure has an anticipated shipping date of December, 2017 to February, 2018 so at the point of this posting, it will not be available for more than a year. However the statue is arguably pricey considering the Sideshow Exclusive open edition Stormtrooper Premium Format Figurr, which is more iconic, can be purchased for approximately $299 though prices could change. 

I must admit as a fan and collector that I feel even with the level monthly payment options, the price for the average quarter scale mixed media statue is getting beyond the reach of the ordinary working class fan. Add to this that sixth scale figures cost almost as much as quarter scale statues used to cost and I feel that despite the excellent support and customer service, Sideshow Collectibles might want to start referring to these statues as Elite Premium Format Figures because it feels as though the entire high end collectible market has hiked their prices despite a larger competition and many countries suffering from recessions and or impending financial down spirals and I have to ask, "How much is enough?"

No one says we have to buy these things, but even a disciplined collector that stays within his or her budget has to ask themselves, "How many times the cost for production of these statues justifies these inflating prices? Is it the licensors who may be charging higher fees for continued production and is it the economics of securing a reliable overseas mass producer of these products and then the expected costs and insurances of making sure the statues get from China to the United States unharmed?"

Truly there are a lot more factors going into the production and distribution of high end pop culture collectibles and make no mistake, the artists at Sideshow and other providers have a right to be compensated fairly and with interest for their work. In fact, I feel the artists names should be clearly visible on every box so we the consumer can recognize and appreciate their hard work.

I love Sideshow Collectibles. I hope to eventually order this after ordering and paying for the Kylo Ren Premium Format Figure, but if prices continue to climb then I may have to call it a collection and appreciate what I have with the knowledge I may not be buying anymore. 

Images of the statue prototype are below the copyright notice for this editorial. Thank you.

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